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Some Of The Stuff Your Going To Face, Going Throughout The Deepest Of The Deep! 😱

Screenshot_20190920-090146 Screenshot_20190920-090157 Screenshot_20190920-090207
And Now It’s Time!!!

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oh man you haven’t even shown/gotten to the boss wight yet…

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Thanks for your screenshots.
When I finished the campain, every monster i faced were level 18-20 and would 1 shot EVERYSINGLE character i had, even My tommy level 14 (At the time) with all AC buffs on. SO i had to change my tactics into full offensive/roots/push back/AD reduction to be able to get the campain done.

But now i see that you’re in the late game and monsters are barelly over level 14. They must have nerfed that big time.

I was wondering that since i can’t replay the campain and people say they finished it around level 10-12 and i was thinking of my personnal experience and i was thinking: i might have done something wrong, because for me it was very hard as level 14-15.

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I’m Not Sure, But I Hope The Screenshots Can Help You Out In Some Sort Of Way!:nerd_face::+1::grin:

I Was Thinking About Putting My Team On Here With What I Have For Them, But I Don’t Know…:thinking::roll_eyes: Or Should I Be Hush​:shushing_face:Hush About It?

Whatcha Think DrizzleDoUrden? Like The Name By The Way!:grinning:

That Was Ment For You deathmessia, Thanks For The Input!!! But You Still Got A Cool Name DrizzleDoUrden!!! :grinning: And What Do You Mean About Weight? Like I’m Above, Of Underweight For The Match?

I Hope There’s A Bunch Of Newbee’s Watching, Hope To Get More People To Stay, Than To Quit, Because Of How Slow The Game Is, It’s A Fabulous Game, It’s Just Slow Going, Unless You Spend Real Money. It’s Has A Great Fun Factor If You Can Get Past The Slow Progression Of The Game!

Then When You Have A Bad Day At Work, You Can Get Home Kick You’re Shoes Off, Sit Back, And Destroy Someone, Make You Feel A Little Better :joy::grin::japanese_ogre::sunglasses:!!! LOL

W-I-G-H-T. The boss after Cielaro is a wight that steals your buffs with his basic melee attack and has a 50% chance to counter. Nothing like a mob with 8 stacks of armor buff and 3 stacks of regen…

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when I fought him I was trying out my shiny new legendary warlock helm and thus did not have 4 turn root. would have made the fight a lot quicker.

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