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Some of these new hybrids and aquatics have JWA infographics(plus there is a plesiosaurus lux)

Whilst not entirely official, this exhibit was given permission by Jurassic World and Ludia possibly knows about them using their infographics?

Whilst good to keep in mind it is not official, let’s not rule out these creatures just yet… I mean after all Trykosaurus did appear in lego form too.

Trykosaurus lego: Rock-A-Bye T-Rex | LEGO JURASSIC WORLD: LEGEND OF ISLA NUBLAR - YouTube

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interesting. i don’t have any expectations, but it’s interesting to see.
also that velo + titanoboa hybrid… i imagine the jaws kind of like Ibushi + Narwa from Monster Hunter rise. not exact, but similar concept.

image image


Is that Plesiosaurus pregnant or something? :rofl:

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Please don’t judge :rofl:

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Hey I can’t help it if my mind immediately jumps to certain conclusions! :rofl::rofl:

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Ah dang now I regret looking at this now. Spoilers >:(

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oh my bad. I’ll make that a spoil warning now.


Reminds me of Femuto’s underside XD X::::::

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