Some P2W ideas

Hey Ludia, here are some ideas for your next version! Preliminary but pretty sure you guys can work off from it~

Dino Gear:
Body armour and helmet to boost dino armour stats. You can consider throwing in armour auras too
Laser weaponry to increase critical rate

Potions and stuff:
Restore the health of your dino in battle, or revive a dead one with Full Revive!

Gattling Drone:
Just like a gattling gun, but it fires darts! Collect over 1k of DNA in one run!

Each sold separately, of course.

New swap in move:
Swap in stampede - reduces the health of all opponent’s dino to 1. Of course, this can be countered by correctly predicting when the opponent is gonna swap in!

If they really wanted to make more money… they’d offer:

“Featured Dino Attempt Extra Attempts” (Resets your attempts to 0 so you can collect again while keeping what you have already received) - Cost 4000 HC Max purchase x3

Even with boosts I’d say there are people that would buy them… cheaper than an incubator…


This is Jurassic World not Dino Riders. You’ve already got boosts to enhance dinosaurs

Really I’d like to see Drone boosts. Those I would pay for.