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Some Players Are Kinda Insulting

And I don’t mean emote spammers. I mean players who don’t try once they see your creatures are a lower level than theirs, even let you win out of pity. I just think that’s insulting, it’s not fun if you don’t beat them at their best to me. Around 2 games ago the guy opens tenrex (25) against my tryko (22) then immediately heals. Then he swaps to DC (25) for whatever reason. My mrhino (22) kills it. He brings tenrex back out, and he does end up killing my grypo (22) at least. Then they just straight let the tenrex die without doing anything. Then their grypo comes in, tryko leaves it at 700 health. I attempt to swap to mrhino but they swapped to maxima. “Well, this is it for me.” Resilient strike. Why?

Swap back to mammolania after (barely) surviving a rampage. Then they just let their grypo die.

I dunno this is just so insulting to me. I didn’t deserve that win. It was just handed to me on a silver platter. Holding back is literally insulting.


I’ve noticed the tactic , but it’s more than likely there trying to maintain a position, without continually changing there team out, deliberately lose & win when they want, some players swap out for lower dinos others just play weak moves to give the other player the edge even if strength wise they should win.

I thought this might be sympathy bots but upon checking I find players in alliances doing this.
I agree it’s insulting, but they may be just shy of the next arena up and maybe need to lose to stay where they are.
Strangely I find I meet these players when I’m on a losing streak so I kind of don’t mind facing them.


I don’t think it’s insulting, I end up getting epic or rare incubators after beating them which makes me happy.

Its those gatekeepers making sure they’re at the bottom of library to keep people from aviary getting up, or they’re just droppers on their way to ruin peoples lives