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Some "possibly" change after 08/31 update


On 08/27, a maintenance nerfed Dilorano, but 08/31 new update returned it back.
Here’s some other thing I thing might changed after 08/31.

1.Event supply / Strike tower priority
Simply description. While a supply drop assigned to be event supply / strike tower in the same time –
Before 08/31 – It will be a strike tower
After 08/31 – it will be an event supply

Some players (me included) reported some event supply replaced by strike tower, even more than 50% at some place.
This might be a response of these complain. So now event supply won’t replaced by strike tower again.
(Unless bugged or rule changed again)

2.Epic dinos spawn ratio up
Couldn’t determine if this is true or false.
But I feel recently (before 08/31) the spawn ratio of epic in wild returned to pre ver.1.3, which means if you don’t spent 1 hour or more time, it will be hard to see epic dinos.

I always take intercity bus at least twice every weekend, about 1 hour each journey.
And I’ll sometimes searching dinos on the way.
In past several weeks, even couldn’t find any epic or fewer than 2.
But after 08/31, could always find 2 ~ 4 epic dinos.

Just wanna discuss if anyone got similar experience as mine.:thinking:


I think they reverted the epic ratios pre 1.3 whitout saying nothing to us, perhaps because spoofers was taking hugr advantage of this increased spawn more than legits, dont know.