Some questions about the game

Hi everyone. It’s been two months since I joined this forum and, so far, I’ve found it extremely helpful. I’m actually an old player (I started playing during the first year of the game, and I still remember Stegosaurus’s different skin) but I started playing again last August. After years of absence, it took me a little to get to know all the new things that have been added to the game and I still have some questions.

  1. As I said, I’m an old player, so most of my base creatures are unlocked. Unfortunately Aerotitan is not one of these. Recently I’ve been trying to get it from PVP modded battles, but Kaprosuchus seems to be more common than the pterosaur. Anyway, my question is: why hasn’t this (as other locked creatures) been added to weekly unlocks? Is there some reason behind its “permanently locked” state? Also, why doesn’t it appear in the amber market, which is the most logical place for it to be in?

  2. As a free player I’ve always felt a bit conflicted about VIP only dinos. I know it’s a way to make people spend money on the game, but completely locking creatures feels a bit too much to me. But I might be wrong. My second question is: is there a way to get EVERY creature in the game (with a strong emphasis on VIP ones) as a free player? I’ve seen a Tarbosaurus pack for 35.000 LP once, but I don’t know when this happens, nor if it’s gonna happen again.

  3. What’s the deal with this game’s badges? They’ve stayed the same for months (at least since I started playing again in August) and a lot of new creatures are missing there. Is it some sort of forgotten feature or has it been updated in the past year?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


Some locked creatures aren’t available in amber as of yet. Personally I think locked creatures give some sense of achievement ? :sauropod:

Well the 35K VIP creatures are to make people become VIP just to get them. It’s called marketing. To get these you have to wait for a special event which gives these packs to buy for non VIPs. Or buy diamond every week for a ridiculous amount of bucks.

Ludia will add the newer creatures in a future update.

As to why badges are in the game I think its to increase your beacon range to collect coins.

Hope you found these a little helpful :slightly_smiling_face:


Stygy was a special case, especially in the 2018 trexmas


There are a few vip exclusive creatures available in the prize drop diamond spin. No guarantees and a spin as a non vio will cost you a lot of DNA and around $5k dbs

Good luck.

Tarboro was offered to non vip in a vary rare instance a few months ago. Perhaps that will b a yearly thing? Offer 1 VIP exclusive to non vios, maybe not. Wouldn’t count on it or hold my breath.

Your best option is to save as many lps as possible, do a VIP trial or subscribe for a month and blow them on 35k packs and hope for the best.

In reality just splurging for a Yr membership is the way to go


Thanks for your answers everyone! @Subxero11 regarding VIP free trial, is it a one-time only offer? Or is it possible to do another one after months?

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Dunno, the offer pops up from time to time when your park levels up. Probably a 1 time thing

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To address getting every creature….

I am a free player. I’ve never spent a cent on the game. I have every Dino at level 40 possible that is not VIP. It’s very possible, especially if you play every day, do all the events, and keep an eye on special events like the Tarbosaurus packs a few months back.

There are methods to get VIP dinosaurs. The best one is the weekly raffle tickets. You can advance up the ladder buying tickets with coins and DNA, and at the end of the week pay about 7,000 Dino Bucks to spin the wheel. I’ve managed to get a few this way, but it’s tedious and it will take a long time to max them out.


Wow. How long have you been playing?


Like 4 or 5 years.

I started playing as a way to bond with my new stepson. But he actually quit and I still log in several times a day. :rofl:


This definitely looks like the best method for free player to get VIP exclusive dinos, but since it’s so expensive I think I’m gonna stick with getting other, more accesible dinos for a while. Thanks for the help!

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