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Some questions to help my progression

Since I’m getting back into the game there are a few questions I want to ask to help me progress well and not screw anything up that will hault my progression later on

  1. Should I upgrade the food harbour?

So one of my main limiting factors at the moment is definitely food. Most of my super rares are above level 31, and a few of my legendaries are above 21. Uniques (don’t know if that’s there name but talking about stuff like gorgosaurus) are all above 11 and vips around 5 (only land Dino’s, not aquatic or cenazoic) I’m finding that leveling these creatures gets very expensive very fast and I’m burning thorough food pretty fast. I think I’m going to upgrade but want to check if it’s worth it first

  1. Buying and leveling creatures

When I started this game a while ago for the 3rd time I really wanted to have a balanced progression since I’ve always screwed up events for me in the past 2 attempts. So far everything is going very well with my best few looking like this

Now what I’ve been doing and aiming for since the start is this

Phase 1
Get commons to level 11

Phase 2
Get commons to level 21
Get rares to level 11

Phase 3
Commons 31
Rares 21
Super rares 11

Phase 4
Common 40
Rares 31
Super rare 21
Legendary 11

(Of course hybrids are exceptions to the rule and a common hybrid counts 2 stages higher, e.g. becoming a super rare)

So I’ve been doing this with every single Dino I’ve unlocked (aside aquatic and cenazoic) and even after fusing a Dino. (E.g make Diplotator then get hatch need diplocaulus and Irritator and get them to level 40)

So then today I made this, my first super rare hybrid and the most expensive one

I don’t have a ton of DNA right now and if I was to follow my rule I would have to make another 8 spinos but for my rule to work, I would have to get spinoraptor to level 11 because that’s what level my uniques are. I don’t think this is very cost effective so in short, is it a good idea to re hatch the Dino’s I used to make a hybrid?

Also I’ve found especially now this rule I’m following is getting very situational with hybrids, as a level 18 carnoraptor (which should be level 21 according my rule to match up with legendaries) is better than my level 24 rex.

So in short, is it a good idea to re level the Dino’s who were components of a hybrid I made and how should I decide whether to level or evolve a dinosaur

  1. Duplicate Dino’s

At this point I’ve been doing pretty well having just one of each dinosaur but as cooldowns become longer would it be a good idea to invest in multiple duplicates of creatures?

That’s ally questions for now. I know 2 was quite long but I’ve been questioning how effective my rule was for a long time

Thanks in advance

  1. yes definetely
  2. it depends, if the creature that you would like to make again is better than the level 10 form of the hybrid then you probably shouldn’t right now but if it is worse then go for it.
  3. Try and get an array of different creatures first before betting multiple of the same unless it is commons

You can get spinoraptors from PvP modded. Grind that and save you DNA for others Dino’s.

Upgrade food and use the trade harbor for more food.

I liked the missions to level up, others do not.


So since a spinosaurus is worse than a spinoraptor I should make it then?

spinosaurus level 40 is better than level 10 spinoraptor so will cost a lot more to get something that is better than the spinoraptor when it would be better to buy another spinoraptor and fuse them

Ah, I see. So when I get spinoraptor to a higher level then it would be more cost effective to rehatch and relevel a spino.


ye, also you’ll unlock the evo reward from spinoraptor because you havent gotten a level 20 before so you’ll save some food (assuming that your spinoraptor is level 10)


Yeah it is 10. Thanks again,very helpful


one tip is to not make a hybrid until you can afford to get two of them because a lot of people made that mistake with indominus rex and had to wait a month or 2 to get another one for it to be the top of their lineup/worth fusing

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Ah gotcha, thanks for that. Was thinking of fusing supersaurus and tyrannotitan together but won’t have enough to make another one. Thank you

probably the best idea to wait for a bit then


Don’t upgrade the Food Factory until you know that you can generate enough coins to spend on it every day. Next upgrade costs 3,000 DB, 2 million coins for 1 million food.


Gorgosaurus and stuff are Tournament Legendaries, We have Epic replaced with Super Rare and Uniques are not there, we have 3 different types of legendaries tho… VIP Creatures, Tournament Creatures and Regular Legendaries. Go Ahead and upgrade our food facility,but level 31+ super rares and stuff are not too hard, use the trade harbour as your primary source of food. Play Modded PvP,they reward you very well. Try and finish in Predator a couple of times safely for now. Try and reach level 60 for Clash Of titans. Do all the daily events. Stack Apatosaurus fossils in the trade harbour.

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Yes…get enough food and level up the dinos you can level up. 2 Prestos? I’d give all my VIPs for those. Not sure how how got the Ostaposaurus though…rarity rumble? That’s some luck.


I would give all my Rajastegas and Spinoraptors for those 2 Prestos. Sometimes I feel like Legendary hybrids are ripoffs when we have such good creatures in the game.

for cooldown yeah.

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Thanks. Big help

Yeah got that from my first rarity rumble


I’ll second what a few people have said

Mainly look at the modded PvP rewards, don’t spend DNA on any of the creatures that are possible rewards in modded PvP. More than likely even just doing 3 modded PvP a day (to fulfill daily pvp missions) you will get a fair share of the rewards over time.

For example, on my daughters game she has easily received 4 Spinoraptors, 6 Kapro’s, 5 Suchomimus, 3 Diplotators and a Rajastega, in just the last month only doing 3 battles a day. My luck on my game is no where near as good but either way it’s possible.

Don’t be afraid to fuse rare and super rare jurassics to make their hybrids, you won’t miss the parents all that much. On my game i was very particular and never fused anything until i had a second lvl 40 of the parents because i didn’t want to lose a potentially useful dino. But on my daughters game, she just wants to fuse everything first chance regardless of having any extras at all so she does. With that being said it hasn’t been a problem ever on her game not having additional rare or super rares of the parents. After you get stronger dino’s you just don’t use those dino’s for much of anything other than rarity specific PvE and those are not super numerous and you most likely still have enough others to complete the event over the course of the day.

Figure out some other game oriented goals.

The biggest goal that seems to come up the most here is creating a jurassic line-up capable of consistently finishing in Dominator League in the tournaments.
If that is a goal, there are lots of topics and posts with some people’s suggestions on the matter.


Thanks for the help, very useful.

I’ll definitely look into some threads about dominater league teams so I know what to build up to