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Some Random suggestions

  1. Animation:
    a) When I hatch 15 dragons - I don’t want to keep tapping it 15 times, Tap once and small mug-shot of all 15 dragons can come and I see how many of what colours I got. end of suffering.
    b) Similarly when I do a 4K draw , if you want to be dramatic there, all right - but in end show all 10 in one screen to check the draw (yes I know I can see them under “new” in my roster but still requires a lot of scrolling around a simple 1 shot review helps)
    c) Same goes for simple quests or earn egg - battles, the 3 things we win fish/coin/egg(reward) let all pop out at once and we can be a bit quick about it. if you want people to do “hatch 15” and every time I go for egg harvest I tap three times to get rewards, it can get really repetitive redundant and tedious. end my suffering on this.

  2. Inventory Management - There is a small thing but it can really make gameplay a bit smoother. If I sort by colour and train a 2* dragon for “yellow” let’s say a Razorwhip, once trained if Press back, let the screen stick to Yellow Dragons, where I was at. My apologies if I sound confusing, Currently in sort by colour Blue is on top, now if hatch a Yellow Razorwhip and go back, I see inventory right on top, rather than at the point where yellow dragons are shown collectively. If one has an inventory of 130+ dragons this makes game-play smoother.

  3. Alpha suggestion - Can we have one Alpha which is “Time Bound” than “Turn bound”. Give 30-40 seconds to do as much damage as possible, let’s just go crazy matching as quickly as possible.

  4. Lastly - Please Drop this 15 business from Hatch/Level/Gain - what so ever. It seriously is destroying the game.


I’m definitely with you on the first suggestion. All the taps drive me nuts sometimes. If you think about it, if you hatch 15 eggs, you have to tap a minimum of 32 times.


@SongbirdT Glad to hear I am not the odd one :smiley: I felt I am the only irritated one.

Beyond those 32 taps, how many times we do it in a day :frowning: as hatch/level 15 experiment goes on .

(point 4 comes from that same grumbling )