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Some really bad mirror matches

So, this last tournament we had the introduction of 2 new epics, both of which were the absolute best creatures in the meta. Now this isn’t a post saying nerf Argenteryx and Megalotops, but with a unique tournament on the horizon, there is something I would like to bring to your attention Ludia: the painful mirror matches in skill tournaments (Because somne boost spreads are different and can affect the matchup). Specifically the 2 that come to mind are Argenteryx and Testacornibus. Again, this is not a nerf thread. This is a thread to bring to light the pain that players have to deal with when doing these matchups. While this is not a scenario of Grypolyth vs Grypolyth, it is the next worse thing. Why? Because they punish you majorly for swapping out and they are able to tank damage really REALLY well.

Let’s start off with Testa mirrors. This one takes forever for 2 reasons. First up its the animations of Testacornibus healing after every hit and boy can it take a lot of them. The second reason is because it can constantly heal almost what it takes to damage it in 2 turns as while it can dish out over 4500 damage in that amount of time, it is healing and using its armor to just tank every hit. And if you swap out, Testacornibus can heal itself. It’s literally who can get crits on devastation and who predicts devastation with dig in. However thankfully, the testacornibus with more hp at the end of the day usually comes out on top, so unlike our next creature, RNG doesn’t screw you over if you’re in an advantage state.

This thing ruled the meta this past weekend. It was fast, could constantly heal, and has so many damage reducing moves. Let’s start with the stats, and this makes a huge impact on this mirror. It’s a bulky flock with lower damage compared to a more glass cannon flock like coelhaast. Next up we have Fearless alert. Unlike Coelhaast, which is somewhat balanced when it comes to this move, Argenteryx can heal at 2 members instead of one. So after a hit, you can heal right back up with evasion. And this constant dodge tanking gets old after dodge after dodge after dodge. And being a flock doesn’t make it more enjoyable as it takes even longer. An Argenteryx mirror on average is usually 2 times longer than the rest of the match and can last almost 5 minutes, which is longer than most battles in general.

How would I fix these? Well Testacornibus is a touchy subject seeing as it is a very popular creature where many people have invested a lot of resources in. But mirror matches are a problem and some sort of solution could be to pump up the damage while reducing the hp. Make it a glass cannon possibly.

For Argenteryx, make it threatened at 1 member. Being threatened at 2 members makes the mirror take way too long. Honestly, this mirror matchup kinda ruined the tournament for myself as well as a few players that I have talked with.

While I feel there should be creatures that are balanced implemented almost every update, looking at mirror matchups should be heavily taken into account before finally being implemented.


what about mammolania? its the same as testa without the long animations.

i could also imagine a parasaurolophus lux matchup to be extremely lengthy, however they are rarely ever in arena or tourneys.

Here’s the thing about those 2. You can swap out and do just fine. Like mammolania. You can swap into creatures like Indotaurus if a mirror comes up and win. Testa is different because unless you use strike (which almost never happens in a mirror) testa will kill indo. Parasaur lux can just be swapped in on by something like megistocurius after a resilient rampage. The problem with the 2 I mentioned is they’re tanky and have those on escape moves that make them even more tanky, making the mirror worse