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Some ❓’s answered by support + my suggestions

hi! Newbie here

• I was curious why the visible hatchery lvls seemed to skip from 4 to 6; now that I have reached lvl 4 in the hatchery — the “missing”/unmentioned lvl 5 is the upgrade to have double egg hatching. I believe it would be really helpful to have that interim upgrade labeled/signposted right there in that sequence, to make it an add’l incentive and much more compelling for all to continue with this upgrade path :slightly_smiling_face:

• I think it would be helpful to rethink what it means to “reset” and hold static the given # level of a “max trained” 2⭐️ dragon to 1 even though its ability remains <10 so still can be upgraded and even though its other stats can clearly continue to be improved. Thank you!

• Overall, while I’m not yet :100: convinced or committed enough to put real $ into the game (special offers that pop up at level ups are a good pitch but they should have a longer timer on them; I’d be more likely to jump on them if I didn’t feel pressured to pull the trigger so quickly), I have gotten some momentum going into a good groove and am enjoying the game at this point (midway through lvl 22) despite the grind and paucity of clear instructions about almost anything. Since the game is so new there isn’t much in the way of comprehensive or reliable 3rd-party user-created support content, so — it would be SO AWESOME and really enhance the playing experience to have more detailed help and FAQ areas or even mini tutorials or officially produced walkthroughs (without giving too much away); any or all of those would be so very helpful to guide decision making, eliminate unfortunate but irrevocable misallocations of resources, and reduce the overall frustration level immensely, esp. as long as actual gameplay time remains so very constrained by the painfully slow :zap:energy accrual rate.

• Related to the very limited amt of gameplay relative to the demand for resource generation and duty completion that ramps up so very quickly — some quick suggestions of things to tweak to make it a more satisfying player experience without breaking the game or speeding it up too much:

1⃣ it would be so nice to have some functionality/utility/inventive to using more dragons in battle than just the main team… challenges or duties requiring all one color or limited colors or breeds, for example; some kind of incremental leveling bonus or :arrow_up: chance of ability increase for a dragon used in battle

2⃣ instead of being wholly limited by :zap: at the rate of 1/10min, burned off at X units per battle, how about a team could continue battle progress on the initial outlay of :zap:units until all dragons on the team are defeated? Would be a lot more fun, introduce much more strategy and keep us so much more engaged esp. in story mode, as well as allow us to analyze and revise strategy & team composition as needed for the next attempt after a final fail

3⃣ accumulating 10 lower-:star: dragons in batches of 10 before leveling up another dragon is very very clearly a better thing to do for resource mgmt, but pretty much impossible given the triple whammy of limited roster space, fish scarcity, and repeated Duties requiring 6 level ups [Related but a personal peeve, and I know I’m not alone in the HTTYD fandom — is there a way to make it feel more like we really are releasing those batches of dragons back into the wild , or healing them from dragonroot dosing, rather than feeding them as blood sacrifices or fight bait to our team dragons??? :kissing_heart::dragon::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:]

4️⃣ the level up, train, and breed duties are essentially roadblocks to Viking Chest completion. why not rotate in lower #’s of those (1-5) rather always being 6x, which can mean those duties will take a day or more to complete and leaving us only with Astrid’s and Hiccup’s duties to get the chest done

• Finally! Can our terror mail please be saved/archived in both an inbox and outbox instead of disappearing after opening?

Thanks again so much. Loving the dragons and animations themselves, esp. how the petting functionality allows for multiple behaviors and postures in most dragons, depending where you are giving them a rub or scratch… I hope you are able to do that with all the species in both babies and adults! :bangbang:In fact, some kind of hatchling nursery external to our roster to visit would be so lovely since it is strategically impossible to hold onto any of the dragonets​:bangbang:

FYI these are the screenshots I had used in my initial msg to them to ask for clarifications

At level 5 of the hatchery, you can hatch two different types of dragons at the same time.
I guess, Zesty Zippleback needs more fish and dragons because he has two stars, I didn’t pay attention to it.
Max training reached - This inform you that you have reached the maximum number of stars. When you inrease the stars, the level of the dragon resets.
The number next to the skill picture is the level the skill has reached. While you raise your skills, the values ​​of percent increase in description of skills.