Some Small Tips Based on 1.5

  1. Investment(only for players in the interval between F2P and within $500)

Investment is extremely important for this game. Investing wisely will make you progress much faster.

Dollar: VIP>>>in game cash or OTOs>>>incubator

In Game Cash: Both coin and scent are very worthy for this version. The decision between this two depend on so many factors. You will need to find a balance between your DNA pace and Coin pace to make sure neither of this two lagging too much. Generally speaking, cash is still a better choice especially for those not yet reached lv20 players. Remember, you are purchasing scent not only with hard cash but also your time.

Dinos: Try to leave everything there if you cannot put it in your team, which will give you more possibility in the future and more coins to boost your team. Try to choose dinos with different function: tank, bleeder or rex etc.,
and just keep levelling because nerf and buff happens in every patch. Also, it is a good choice if you can choose one of the two directions of a hybrid.

  1. Battle

The battle system is not complicated at all. It would be nice if you can predict several moves, but sometimes you could lose due to your smartness. So, try to estimate your opponents battle style is always not a bad idea.

What does OTO mean? I see it a lot but can’t figure it out

It means one time offer when you level up or enter a new arena

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You should be a disclaimer on common scents not really being worth the price… prior to 1.5 i like them now they really just flood you with more of the same dinosaur thats already on your map…

True. Commons on map for 1.5 sucks.

Ita the fact that the common hybrid component has a jacked up spawn rate and this seems to apply to scents as well… its just worse for common scents cause thats what there designed to attract.