Some Small Unique Changes

Having use both Stygidarix and Diloranchierus for a good amount of time, both are great but something is missing from both. so i have devised a small change for both dinos to make them better.
Diloranchierus Change

Stygidarix Change

let me know what you all think, the change to dilo would make it a good option for raids and the stygi change would make it a direct counter to SR gen 3.


I think for dilorach just remove emergency heal for another damaging move maybe distracting impact.
Like most raid strategies dont use dilorach tbh its either para or toura.
Lesser group heal is fine becasue it cant be used in pvp aswell to stall a turn.

I agree on stygi needs some stun immunity.

Glad I’m not the only one who uses dilo, but honestly I don’t think she needs a group accelerate i’d be more than happy to getting a counter power heal because it really makes a difference with how hard it is to kill dilo without a counter. the two heals are necessary tho to keep her alive

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I just thought that it’s a Thera model and all the other Thera’s have an acceleration move

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But having the ability to accelerate a team means it does what Toura does plus it distracts like para does. It’s the best of both. It isn’t used because toura accelarates and para has a better heal

I think this move set would be decent for dilorach
Decent on revenge
Heal for survivability(pvp)
Speed up and heal (raids)
Better turn 1 dmg(without revenge)

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that moveset almost looks similar to tenorex haha, dilo doesn’t really need a good t1 if you use it as a revenge dino. The two heals are essential in keeping it alive it has helped me killed paras and even sr3s. I agree with you tho on it not needed distraction resistance as that’d ruin the balance dilo already has. Dilo is a weird dino to utilize but speaking as someone who uses it, it’s really not meant for raids and does a better job as a revenge dino and complete staller who deals dmg slowly as it heals

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Bruh dilo also is kind of a counter for scorp cuz quills won’t do anything

happy cake day, and it seems like dilo is a counter on paper but it’s really a game of chance and reading your opponent. You won’t be fighting any sr3s that don’t swap in unless they want to use instant ambush to start. Dilo can stall long enough to the point where sr3 is in easy swap in range or dead from a counter attack. That’s what makes dilo so fun to use because you either win the game of chance by going through dodge or you live long enough to let another dino finish the job. sr3 will win any day if you don’t swap it out and land all dodge

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I personally think Dilorach should completely ditch raid usage and swap to a tanky PvP revenge killing Cunning. Tuoramoloch and Parasauthops do its job better in pretty much every way raid-wise.

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Happy cake day!

but if they do more mortem raids dilo heals and distracts and i have a maxed boosted dilo for raids and my mates say thank god we got a dilo