Some Spinotasuchus love pls


Nigh unusable atm. Hybrids are prized for their variety of skills, the higher the tier the more skill options. Not x1 dmg strike & wounding strike again. Cool looking Dino should have cool set of skills.


Yeah, in the old meta it was crazy good, if they changed one of the wounding attacks to something more useful, it could be better


Yea it’s a bleed machine. Too bad bleed gets cleansed by pretty much every dinosaur you would actually care about putting it on.


Exactly :confused: I wanted to level him up but dont see it being useful right now


I know what you mean. Mine is ready to level to 20 and I have 8000 kaprosuchus DNA, 4000 spinosaurus DNA, 4000 utahraptor DNA, and 700 spinotahraptor DNA. I would really really like it if he was good because he’s easy for me to create and level.


Dang lol I need to get on your level of hunting for kapro and spino :joy: that’s quite a lot mate! Good on you :grin::ok_hand: @Joshhodg


Yea but it mostly just sits there because of its inability to deal with stuff in this meta. Gonna keep collecting though because eventually he will be good again and when he is I’ll be ready.


Bleed shop but less defence skill other than its speed. It took epic hybrid + rare gotta be better than this. Even Suchatator is more balanced in skill and it cost commons. What a false economy


Spinotasuchus is the only legendary having a plain strike move… :joy:


Suchotator is better than Spino


Mine is 20, and working on 21. Got faith they will buff him soon (next week after tourny reset/new dinos/new arena?)


yup, spino still lame


It’s great to read about your positive post. Where I come from. The Spinosaurus only shows up like once a week & I am making it by 10 DNAs every fusion attempt. So this super hybrid has a special place with us.


Fast becoming best friend of Alan


Didnt regret this at all. Working on 23 - want to hmget him to the point he survives a level 20 cloaked apr from irex. Think that will be 25-26.

Hes great vs iraptor (can force or punish behavior) and swooping into rajaky is fun.

This card is good.


Capable of pulling off beautiful chain combos when the stars are in align