Some sugestions

He, i have a few sugestions for the game

  1. Once a day you can change hybrid some DNA. Something like this:
    Rare for rare: amount DNA 10 get 5
    Cost: 10 cash

  2. When your high enough you can ask for higher DNA in your clan.
    Lvl 10: ask epic enabled
    Lvl 15: ask legendary enabled
    Lvl 20: ask unique enabled

Just some sugestions :yum: :+1:t5:

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Legendary and Unique should never be available for trading. Those are the animals you need to collect and create yourself.

Epic trading should be a thing though.


@Colin_Goodman while I agree about the epics and definitely could use some epics that my alliance mates have in exchange for some they need, it is worrying when I think about the people roaming out there with multiple accounts that have dna stocked up… if Ludia didnt allow a single attempt at Tenontorex, epic trading to them is probably even more of a balancing problem than that :thinking::joy::joy:

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A lot of people have said similar but I don’t think it would be that bad. Perhaps amounts should be dropped compared to Common and Rare dinosaurs to balance that? But I do seriously think that Epic trading needs to be incorporated.


@Colin_Goodman A lower amount would be a must, yes. And well I guess if it was trading and not donating, then it could work, that way you always have to send some sort of epic dna in order to get what you want, unlike donations.

If rares are 500 for donations, maybe epics should be 50 to keep things balanced… and possibly have a daily limit as well, like donations has. :thinking::thinking:

50 doesn’t seem like much but its enough for a fuse on a lot of hybrids :sweat_smile:

Idk, just throwing out some thoughts! :slight_smile:


That would work well I think.

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Probably why they haven’t done it yet =D