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Some Suggestions for Fierce Creatures

I’m gonna do something later on fixing on the class system, which involves more fierce creatures. So, I made a few, and I’d like to see what you think of these few:

The health on the Megisto hybrid I think I’ll lower a bit. Maybe.

Edit: Acro in this version has Vulnerability Impact and Fierce Strike instead of FI and GCS, as well as some shifted stats.

Edit 2: Thank you Battle Simulator for walking me through how stupid Frikisto is. Working on that now.

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I made herculosaur not to long ago and it was made of the same parts

You did? My mistake, then. I didn’t realize they were so similar.

That being said, it is still a fun idea. A Heracles Lizard.

No problem lol i thought it was funny here’s what I had

Oooh, very interesting.

Definitely have to fix Frikistosaurus. That thing gets extremely stupid on a Swap-In.

Ostafrikosaurus should have speed immunity.

It should, but in this class fix that I’m working on, Fierce moves cleanse Decel, so I figured immunity wasn’t too necessary.

Oh that makes sense

Actually, would the move selection limit enough? Or would I need to knock it’s health down a notch as well? Because it does get screwed over by most cunnings, which is what I intended, I suppose.

However it might dunk on other things a bit… too hard.

Yeah, Frikisto’s getting its speed and Health tanked a bit.