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Some suggestions for new creatures

Dire wolves in pack form like the Dodos or comps. The Short Faced Bear would make a big Ice Age predator.


even if its a pack hunter, I’d assume ludia would put dire wolf as a solo creature as I would guess they’d simply give it the current dog rig that amphicyon has, would love to have the creatures in game though


I wouldn’t be surprised if the next update will be a gen 3 update where every creature that has a gen 2 is getting a gen 3

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I like the wolves idea

Amd rexy? Will she come with the another rexes of j.p. and lost world or something like that?

Dire wolf was huge and give solo attack would a good idea too. They need more Cenozoic creatures. What helps them is there more known about them than the Dinos. Ice Age Bison, there was a huge cow like creature in Europe, Cave Lion, etc. Dinos are great but Cenozoic creatures need more representation.