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Some suggestions for the next JWA update

I know many of you also want some new features in Jurassic World Alive. So I’ll just start with the suggestions.

As we all know we always get 2 or 3 new creatures in the game. Maybe the creature theme of next update can be from the Triassic era. Creatures like :

  1. Coelophysis (Cunning and Epic) - flock of 3
  2. Eoraptor (Cunning and Rare)
  3. Herrerasaurus (Fierce and Rare)
  4. Lystrosaurus (Resilient and Common)

Now some new in-game features we all want :

  1. A daily login calendar which provides us with resources and special incubator and a special dino DNA at the 25th day of login.
  2. A system to communicate with the raid team members via voice chat because not all can’t communicate with our friends and only some can via Discord.
  3. As the pandemic situation is increasing in some country,it would be a good idea to increase the range from 200m to 250 or 300m.
  4. A new multiplayer mode that we can play with our friends like a 5v5 Dino Deathmatch where everyone will team up against each other and fight with their highly leveled or favourite dino. And only one dino can be selected by players in this mode. Winning in this mode will get players a deathmatch incubator and some amount of xp. Losing in this mode will only give some amount of xp.
  5. Last one for the next update but not the least, Android devices ain’t showing the refer a friend option. So this can be fixed.

I love these ideas, but instead of a raid voice chat maybe a raid text chat. this will appear when the lobby is created and also during the raid. I agree that not everyone has discord which can make it quite hard to coordinate with alliance members or people that you have friended.

I also love the deathmatch idea. I feel llike in 3.0 we need some form of new pvp system.