Some suggestions of what regular dinosaurs and hybrids could you put on the game ludia : D

I know that the update has just came out 3 days ago, but if ludia sees this u could put this dinosaurs in the games I am gonna say:
Jobaria ( common)
Limnoscelis (common)
Pelecanimimus (common)

Stegosaurus (rare)
Ichthyovenator ( rare)
dryosaurus ( rare)
Jinyunpelta (rare)
Giga G2 ( rare)
Glythronax ( Lythronax + Glyptodon)
zalmoxes ( rare)

Giganotosaurus (epic)
Huayangosaurus ( epic)
Carnotaurus G2 ( epic)
Pachyrhinosaurus (epic)
Padillasaurus ( epic)
Jinbeisaurus (epic)
Styracosaurus ( epic)
Yutyrannus ( epic)

Albertorhinosaurus (Pachyrhinosaurus + albertosaurus) alberto animation
ankylodoncus ( diplodocus + ankylosaurus) Diplo animation
Carnoraptor ( Carno G2 + Pyroraptor) Pyro animation
Gigantocephalus ( Euplo + giga) Euplo animation
Yudon ( yutyrannus + troodon) yu animation

alankyloceratops ( alankylosaurus + triceratops) Alankylo animation
Bumpthops ( bumpy + acrocanthops) Acrocanthops animation
Giganotoceratops ( gigantosaurus + styracosaurus 9 i Know like compsocaulus Spinosaurid animation
Huayangatarsus ( huayangasaurus + Carnoraptor) Huauyanga animation
Jobolodocus ( Jobaria + ankylodoncus) Jobaria animation= Diplodocus animation
Majungacevia ( Majungasaurus + Edaphocevia) I Know finally!!! Edapo animation
Padillacephalus ( padillasaurus + Gigacephalus) euplo animation

Pls dont take this seriously this are just some suggestions that ludia could weirdly see… and take them
What i wanna know I what u think, probably only agree on alankylo hybrid bet


Stegosaurus is already in game…

I’m assuming they mean stegosaurus gen 2

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