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Some suggestions to increase player enjoyment

Hey all! Its your friendly neighborhood spid…I mean yespaMan :slight_smile:

I came up with some unique/fun or useful ideas Id like to see possibly be implemented. Constructive criticism is of course welcome in good taste, but anything outright negative or anti-posting needs to be done elsewhere, thanks!

  1. Statement of Problem: 48 Hour refresh for gear rewards in dungeon. This is an issue, as a veteran wil have alot of gear pieces, and if nothign shows up to our fancy, we may not play those challenges for 48hrs, or even 96 hours, until something catches our eye (this has happened with me several times)

Solution: Add a button that allows us to refresh the Gear immediately for an amount of gold the first time (resets every 48th hour) and gems increasingly per refresh until we have found stuff worth farming. Say 20 gems, then 40, then 100, then 200 each additional, up to a max of 5 or something per 48 hr window.

This would be wonderful if it could (easily) be implemented!

  1. Zoom in/out feature - it would be cool to zoom in and have an over the shoulder view of your active hero. Randmness for fun.

  2. Include “Mini-bosses” In challenge Mode, but enhanced difficulty. When approaching a boss room, the other wall is always empty with just graphics, maybe sometimes have this open up into a miniboss room of revenge from story mode (id sure like to fight displacer beasts and other enemies no longer faceable since clearing adventure).

  3. Varying DIFFICULTY Modes! We may have brought this up before, but im going to again!! We need a more difficult challenge, Im already breezing through lightfinger while half eyed asleep lol.

Suggested operation: Give us a Button to push for increasing difficulty, each increase (up to 5) will implement harder dungeons and better rewards, for each increase, u get double rewards, so if u go 1 difficulty higher, u woudl get x2 reward. 2 difficulties higher, get 3x reward. Etc. make it worth our time, get us back on the edge of our seats for more than a day !

  1. Allow us to have more than 8 roster for PvP. Make 9/10 optional.

  2. Please implement an auto battle feature!

  3. Implement a “Delay Turn” button. It could be on the same, or opposite side of Skip Turn. Delay Turn would allow stuff such as my Warlock doing a debuff PRIOR to my Wizard doing Disintegrate. Very often the turn order is out of my desired ordr, surely they could coordinate. ALso this has always been a staple feature of turn based D&D console/pc games. Delay Turn.

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Thanks for the suggestions, Xx_YESPA_xX!


Awesome post
1 Totally agree with a refresh button on challenge rewards. Even if it’s just once a day.
2 sounds cool, rather see those programming hours spent on other things though.
3 could bring some fun back to challenges that have been outgrown
4 awesome idea
5 only if optional. I like that I can now hide bard/paladin from roster.
6 +1
7 -1 I actually like that a player has to do something in pvp or walk forward. It helps keep pvp fast paced.

I admit I only glanced through this post because I am busy and will look closer later. However number 5 did catch my eyes and I would have to say I disagree. Ultimately I would like to be able to choose my own team for pvp but if I can’t choose I’d prefer to have a smaller pool that is being chosen from that way I have a better chance of getting who I’d want in and eliminating those I do not.

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The roster suggestion would be optional additional slots, my team is fairly even in all aspects now, so id like to have all 10 combos available, especially now with paladin and bard stat optimizations!

I get that but I’d still rather have a bigger choice myself. Even now if you are wanting to try different combos you could just move some in or out.

I haven’t played a lot of phone games with pvp but I have never played one where they didn’t let you choose your team… the ones I have played let you choose your team when attacking and then you choose a defensive team, that way there were no “bots” they would just choose a team from a real playe, whether they were on or not. In theory it worked the same as bots because it was an AI fighting but at least gear was based on what a player had earned and not just max gear for the level like bots seem to always have

I should point out overall I like the random team. Keeps it from everyone using same 4 and same tactics. Forces decisions on gear worn because you don’t know who you’ll face. However The ability to hide your newest/weakest/useless etc… character or two is nice.

I get that some people like the random and I don’t totally hate it either. It’s just not what I’d prefer


  1. Couldn’t agree more. I often can’t find anything across all the challenges that I want to go for (below dragon too few to be worth the effort, dragon to lightfinger often doesn’t have anything I want in top 3 slots or has stuff I want in very low numbers in lower spots)

  2. Yes an auto battle as so many challenges are so easy and tedious that I get my three year old son to farm them for me - he has no trouble with first two and just gets help with boss on hidden forge :stuck_out_tongue:

OR an ability to sim X number of a challenge (only if you have previously scored three dice on that challenge) for the cost of gold, gems or daily free SIM cards

Prefer random teams selection and don’t like the idea of delay turn, like to be able to choose strategy on the basis of what others will be able to do, becomes tricky if they can play with turn order

Not overly concerned about other suggestions

I actually wanted delay turn for pve, but yea i guess it could have impact on pvp as well.

having skip turn in pvp is highly necessary, hope it gets implemented soon.

I suggested some kind of gear picking suggestion to expand the amount of characters you can pick when selecting gear. But i guess no one cares enough. A “refresh” gear is sort lame as you can still get the same exact gear after refreshing but… whatevs.

Ok another quick pick and I will comment on number 6.
I like the idea of an auto play as well. I don’t see it happening in this game though. One of the things I have said in the past that I like about this game compared to many other is that you don’t have to wait for power/energy/gems or whatever to refresh and be able to play. You can theoretically play 24/7 for free. Where I have seen auto play before it has always been limited by the need to acquire something to continue playing. If you could set up nonstop auto play it would get rid of some of the incentive to buy things and they would lose money.

Oh most definitely, it will unlikely ever be implemented, buuut I do want :wink:

Regarding number 7.

It has been a long time since I have played a D&D game before this and as nice as a delay turn would be it would kind of ruin the point of initiative. If you could delay there would be no point in having a button, you might as well just set up the order you want your team to go at the start of a fight and go from there

Not at all. You stil have to wait fro your hero to go to decide to delay turn to another one further down the initiative line. The enemy will still get actions inbetween.

Example, sample turn timetable:

(Me) Fighter
(Enemy) Boss
(Me) Wizard
(Enemy) Boss
(Me) Warlock
(Enemy) Boss
(me) Cleric
(Enemy) Boss

In this case, I would want Wizard to go at the end of turn, after Warlock had gone, so the boss would get a double attack in the middle of initative, while my Wizard would go at the end before next initiative round.

But once you get through your team completely once do they revert back to their initial order or do they stay in the place they were delayed to?

They revert back to original as it plays out. All youre doing is moving someone down the line temporarily

Ok gotcha… I have never had that option… that would make sense