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Some suggestions to rework creature families

In 2.0 many creatures have been redesigned to fit into specific families and play a specific role. Despite this, there isn’t very much diversity in PvP or in raids. At this point we’ve settled on a few best creatures to work on and everything else is kind of just fodder. So here are my suggestions to improve a few of them and make them a little more distinctive.



I would suggest making these PvP focused pinning, decelerating tanks.

Unlike the Brachiosauridae, the sauropods don’t get much use either in raids or in arenas. Sauropods were designed to deliver AoE damage and speed control and they are very successful in that regard. However, Ardentismaxima does everything sauropods do but better – it does AoE deceleration, it taunts, and it has the highest HP in the game.

I would suggest giving the sauropods a new move, Trample to replace Group Decelerating attacks. Trample would slow and pin the opponent down. This brings them back to their 1.14 role where they used to have pinning attacks – and anyway, there aren’t many pinning creatures in the meta right now. This new PvP focused role distinguishes them from Brachiosauridae which focuses on raids and taunt instead.

Tall-Legged Crocodiles


I would suggest buffing Group Ferocity Strike.

The tall-legged crocodiles are outclassed by creatures with Ready to Crush. Group Ferocity Strike really needs a buff – its cooldown is 3 turns and its only effect is to raise damage 50% for two attacks only ( cries in Megalosuchus ), while Ready to Crush raises damage 50% for four attacks and it also cleanses distraction, raises critical hit ratio, and has a cooldown of 2 turns. Moreover, even with the ferocity buff, the crocodiles don’t hit very hard. All this makes them a weaker, less viable version of the Baryonyx family.



I would suggest giving them back a buffed version of Thagomizer.

I have yet to see anyone pick a Stegosauridae for raid use. In PvP, the only stegosaur around is Stegodeus and that’s a discount Ardentismaxima. It would be nice to see the return of Thagomizer – since Stegosauridae were envisioned as raptor killers back when Superiority Strike made its appearance, perhaps Thagomizer should cleanse distraction and do precise damage . Accompanied with this, perhaps fewer creatures should get resilient attacks – dodgers are kind of useless now that there are so many anti-dodge capabilities out there.

(also, this would sort of give Carnotarkus its precise rampage back and that would be very nice)



Entelodontidae is in an awkward position. Between the Group Shattering Impact and Mutual Fury, their kit looks really good but they don’t have the stats to back it up in both raids and PvP. I don’t know what could be changed about the creature family but I would think the pigs need stat reworks.


Well, what you are saying makes sense but I kinda disagree with the stegosauridae part. It would make them a bit too powerful in some arenas (5,6,7,8). I would suggest that make more stegosaurs including uniques. This would make them more usable, I think. Apart from this, i completely agree with you.