Some Suggestions WIP

This document is a work in progress.

The purpose of this document is to shed light on some issues in the game that need to be resolved.

Some of these issues are suggestions and some are bugs, that is why this document is under the Suggestions category.

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Remove Gift Box

The “gift box” in the top right corner is just a shady way to serve up advertisements. It is in a bad location because it covers up part of the mountain. The way a gift should work is the player is given a reward when the box is tapped then the icon goes away. The way it is currently implemented it just shows an ad which is unnecessary because the player can press the + sign to get to ads.

Stop Abusive Ads

Some of the offers are more expensive than the price of a complete desktop or console game. It is unfortunate that the trend to gouge customers has become so prevalent in the Gaming industry.

I am aware that Ludia is by no means alone in this. I just hope that Ludia executives realize that some companies have gotten into big trouble with the overzealous use of loot boxes and micro-transactions.

In May 2019, the US Congress introduced the bill “The Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act”. This bill will likely apply to a host of online games that feature loot boxes and other ways in which players can spend money for real benefits.

Most customers will pay money to see a good game be successful. Ludia should focus on making a fun game that players love and the money will follow.

More Dragon Scales

For months, many players have requested on the Forums that Ludia make it easier to obtain Dragon Scales.

Instead of increasing the availability of Dragon Scales, Update 1.6 decreased the amounts obtained from chests.

Adding to the frustration are advertisements forcing players to spend runes because Ludia intentionally keeps the availability low.

Players don’t want to pay 2000 runes ($20 US) for Dragon Scales. This is the kind of jerk move that gets people really angry.

Paying for 5-star Dragons YES. Paying for Dragon Scales NO.

Please increase the number of Dragon Scales obtained either from Chests or from Battles.

Change Alpha Energy Distribution

The way the system currently works, players are granted 1 Alpha Energy point every 4 hours.

The problem with this system is that players are spread out all over the world.

12pm EDT works great as a start time for people in the US or Canada but many players on the other side of the globe are asleep at that time.

It is also problematic for players in school or at work to use up all their energy at the right time so energy isn’t wasted.

This current system is really unfair to a lot of players.

What would work better is if everyone is granted a certain number of Alpha Energy points at the start of battle. The points can be used at any time during the window that the Alpha is up. Energy would no longer accumulate but rather be reinstated at the start of each window.

So, for example. At 12pm EDT (4pm UTC) everyone is granted 8 Alpha Energy points. Those points can be used at any time during the 22 hour Alpha window.

Allow Clan Leader to set Alpha Difficulty

The way that Alphas currently work, Clans are required to loose every other Alpha.

So for example the basic trend would be 8star win, 9star lose, 8star win, 9star lose, etc.

Why have it setup like that?

As Clan Leader I would much prefer to have some control over the level of Alpha that my Clan fights.

That way my Clan could just fight 8star, 8star, 8star, 8star, etc until I feel that my Clan is strong enough to move up to the next level.

This goes along with my suggestion that Alpha Energy be reinstated at 12pm EDT instead of accumulate.

Add Clan Recruitment Filters

Players seeking to join a Clan should be offered a list appropriate to their Level and Battle Power (BP).

Clan Leaders should have the ability to set up recruitment requirements for new players. For example, player level or a minimum Battle Power (BP) rating.

It is very frustrating as Clan Leader to deal with getting a replacement player. As soon as a spot opens up in the Clan a low level player will promptly join. Who I promptly kick.

Sometimes they rejoin because they don’t understand why they were kicked. Then I have to explain that they were kicked because they don’t meet the minimum requirements. A few hours later another low level player will join.

This is frustrating for both Clan Leaders and players seeking to join a clan.

For the player seeking a clan this is problematic because after 3 attempts they will get a warning message that they need to wait a day to try again.

Even worse this can cause the Alpha to bug out. If more than 25 players hit an Alpha then it might disappear.

I understand that in the rush to get Alpha Battles and Clans implemented, certain basic functionality was left out. But it has been a while now, its time to add this functionality into the game.

Show Breeding Percentages

Here is a rough mockup. It would look better if the numbers were under the portraits. But, you get the idea. The percentages are shown in the Drafts, why not show them on the Breeding page.

Update or Remove Tapjoy

In April 2019, Apple banned incentivized monetization services like Tapjoy from advertising apps.

Therefore, iOS users can no longer get runes from playing other game apps. iOS users can still earn Tapjoy rewards, but most of those involve some sort of purchase and are frankly pretty terrible.

People that don’t use Tapjoy simply don’t understand how lucrative it can be. It is pretty easy to earn thousands of runes just by playing other games.

Unfortunately, this source of income is now unavailable to Apple iOS users. Android users are still able to access and profit from these offers.

This is incredibly unfair to people that play Titan Uprising on an iPhone or iPad. I wrote about this problem on the Forums over a month ago and nothing has been done about it.

Fix Notification on Clan Tab

Before Update 1.6, the Clan tab only showed a notification when a Clan member made a chat entry. Now the Clan tab shows a notification when a chat entry is made or when an energy point is available to fight an Alpha.

Considering the way that Alphas are fought where most teams kill every other Alpha. That means the notification icon is present too much of the time. It no longer serves as a reliable means to show when a chat entry was made.

Please revert this back to the way it was before Update 1.6.

Fix Ability Level 11

Look carefully at image. You will see that Training will take the Ability to Level 11.

This problem has been around since the game was released and it still hasn’t been fixed.

Fix Max Level

The Fireshrike is completely maxed. 4-stars, level 60, ability 10/10

The bar should be full and the word MAX should be on it.

Some places this is shown correctly, like if you hold tap on dragon in Roster.

However, in many places this is not shown correctly.

Fix Max Training Reached

Once a dragon reaches all its stars a message is shown “Max Training Reached”. This technically is correct since the dragon can no longer be “Trained” to another star. But the message is confusing because the level bar is not maxed.

It is pretty obvious whether a dragon has reached all stars. In this case, I think it would make more sense if the message was ‘Max Level at 60’. If the Training is maxed and the level is maxed but the Ability is not 10/10 then display a message “Continue to Feed Fish to Obtain Ability 10/10”.

Once a dragon has reached all its stars, reached max level and reached max ability, then display the message “Dragon Fully Maxed” or “Dragon Maximum Reached”.

Fix Ability Display

Look carefully at the list of abilities. You will see the first ability description is broken.

Look further down and you will see the problem again towards the bottom of the box.

Fix Corrupted Image

Go to Book of Dragons
Select a dragon
Push [Breeding] button

Notice the garbled images in between the two dragons.

If you zoom in you can actually see Ludia and other logos.

Fix HP Bar Overlap

Look carefully at the top left dragon and you will notice that its health bar is partially covered up by the top middle dragon’s health bar.

Fix Alpha Using Extra Energy Point

At the end of an Alpha battle an extra energy point sometimes gets consumed.

This problem existed before Update 1.6 and was not fixed.

Fix Screaming Death Bomb

Picture pretty much explains the problem.

Bomb got pushed up to the top next to Screaming Death Alpha but didn’t explode. It just sat there.

Next turn, the number on the bomb counted down to 1. The next turn the bomb exploded.

The bomb should have exploded as soon as it reached the top row.

Fix Clan Online Status

In Clan Chat, the dot next to a player’s name would light up green if they were online.

This no longer works.

Fix Game Crash when Repeatable Quest Changes

On July 30, 2019, I started playing the Experience Quest right before 12am midnight EDT. In the middle of battle, Titan Uprising app crashed. I restarted game, went back to Quests, and noticed that the Quest had changed to Coin Comb. So, I suspect that the change of the repeatable quest had something to do with the crash.

A support ticket has been opened regarding this problem.


Which max level issue? Level 50 cap, max level of dragon not displaying in some instances or not saying max when leveling leading you to think you can get another level?

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Haha i didn’t even know you could do that feature on forums. Nicely detailed! :+1:

I didn’trealize they expanded

Also, I wanted to highlight multiple bugs :slight_smile:

Neat list, got something to add to it as well.

Alphas still eat energy without counting the attacks. As an example I lost two energy when attacking once and it counted for absolutely nothing - despite being connected to wifi at the time and not moving around. This happened after the “hotfix”.