Some thoughts & suggestions from a launch player

Hi Ludia WoW team,

Firstly I’d like to say how great the game looks and sounds. I’m a big D&D fan and pre-registered to play when I came across the app on the Play Store, and have been playing it since launch as I really dig the gameplay style.

Like most players, I hit the wall around level 4/5 on my second day of play as a F2P pre-reg player. I do genuinely enjoy the game, however I’m now at the point where I’m not seeing any point in continuing as I now only log on to open a Durnan chest; a Battle Chest and do a Battle to replace the slot; or play through the free Challenges.

As you have been asking for feedback, and rather feeling like I’m giving up on what I think could be a great game that’s having some typical launch teething issues, I thought I would contact you with a few ways I think the game could be improved:

I’m aware that some of these have been raised already, so consider them an echo/+1


  • The gold economy needs to be overhauled. It’s way too difficult to earn gold, which is at the core of halting progression for all players; with Battle chests and quests being the only semi-viable way to freely earn gold once you hit the progression wall

  • Reward scaling seems to halt around Hidden Forge as this seems to be where most players are stuck by a combination of the monsters being too powerful and not earning enough to reasonably level their characters to meet the threat

  • Forcing players to replay the same incomplete dungeon over and over for 5-10xp/gold each time is infuriating and boring; especially when item/character leveling cost around this time is in the 50-200 gold area

  • Add new ways for players to earn gold, and/or make the current payouts higher; even if it’s simply offering the option to replay old dungeons (which it seems like was an option during the beta?); perhaps either with a daily replay limit or a “pay gold to play” mechanic to stop it being abused

  • Quests seemingly offer decent payouts but take far too long to complete e.g “Open 10 chests” with a 500 gold payout will take at minimum 30 hours to complete with basic chests (give or take a few Durnan’s); which in turn hampers the rewards a player would get from better chests that take longer to open during that time. I feel as if a player should be able to reasonably complete one quest a day; in time for the new one to come into rotation

  • Chest rewards either need to be improved, or given reduced timers. Basic Battle chests at Arena 2 offer roughly the same rewards as a successful Sharpspire dungeon which take a fraction of the time

  • A daily login reward/scaling rewards would be a great addition

Challenge Mode:

  • I feel like the cost of entry for Challenges is disproportionate to the rewards. As such, I only play them when the free rotation comes in

  • It feels odd having to pick only one reward from challenge dice; especially when you earn more than one reward for 3 stages in a campaign dungeon, and even some gold and XP for failing one (granted, the single reward could be greater but it still feels cheap)


  • If you’re offering the option for players to sell cards for gold, please don’t limit it to one card per item each 4 hour rotation; especially for 5 gold for a single common

  • 200 gold for a common card seems like too much, considering it costs 175 gold to level a character from 4 to 5, and they sell for 5 gold (2.5%… ouch)

  • Gems are so rare (I’ve earned 202 since launch) that I’m simply hoarding them with the aim to maybe one day buy a 1500 or 3000 chest. I’m put off spending them on gold as that feels like it should be the more accessible currency in the game and I’m unaware of how much the costs of levelling characters/items scale

Battle Mode:

  • The inability to specify a team loadout is an issue. As it stands, it typically comes down to whoever loads in with a healer, wins. It also forces you to try and evenly level all your characters which may not be best for story progression; making choices with your limited gold even harder

  • The inability to skip a characters turn and forcing them to take an action is damaging to strategy and an odd thing to exclude in Battle Mode; especially when you note this exact tactic in the tips of your campaign

  • I haven’t tested this, so please forgive me if this is already the case, but the option to replace a Battle Chest with another would be great and give players a reason to keep playing Battle rather than stopping when their four slots are filled


  • I feel as if Tommus is extremely underpowered for his stats/class. At level 4 with Fighters Boots and an Axe of Sharpness, he deals less damage (135-225) and has a lower AC (114) than Calliope (275-371/116) and Halbenet (216-290/118); a bard and a cleric with comparable gear.
    As a frontline tank (which is what I feel like he’s designed to be) with 18 ST, 16 DEX and 17 CON he currently doesn’t feel like a fighter/tank. He also seems to miss his attacks a lot thanks to an ATK of 76 (also the lowest in the party).
    Farideh with Fiendish Moon and Devil’s Clasp does a better job to be honest

Overall, I understand that the game needs to make some money; but as a player who has hit a stonewall after 2-3 days of play with no sign of any real progression, I’m not inclined to keep playing, let alone spend some money.

As I said, I do really like the core game, but it really does need to implement some changes to feel like paying to progress isn’t the only option.


I can not second this post enough


Adding my voice to all of the points in OP, they summarized my thoughts perfectly.

One extra point though: Why make sellable items random? All items should be sellable from the heroes screen instead. Also, the random algorithm suggests even equipped stuff, so very easy to destroy your builds by accident…


A great point

Good point. I often find myself having to go back to my heroes screen just to check to see if I have that item equipped anyway.

Making all items sellable at any time would also help the overall gold economy.


Why would you want to spend money on a mobile game that is almost the same price for a full game in steam (Summer sale just in the corner) just to add a monthly subscription that barely gives you anything? I mean…Buying “gems” will cost you much more than a new released game. Yet the gems you spend will be spent on loot boxes that will give you random stuff…
Idk…its been already 3 days playing and i’m stuck on a lvl 9 area while all my characters are still lvl 4-5 with no gold to evolve and no way to farm gold. I’m almost deleting the app.


My point there is more geared towards the fact that there is currently no incentive for a player to spend money; rather than the cost vs another product, or the value of paying for randomised lootboxes.

I do agree that some of the costs seem rather high, but there are plenty of people who do spend money on one-off or subs to mobile games. I know a few users on this forum who have already given specific feedback about the subscription model who have better knowledge about it than I do, which is why I only commented on what I had experienced as a new f2p user.


I have one character with over 150 of their starter shirt, I can’t level it because I don’t have the gold, and it never ever comes up as a sale option, though it wouldn’t do me much good if it did because this gold economy balance seems to have been thought up by a 5 year old.

Lending my voice to this. Totally agree in a much more ranting and non-constructive way

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I would also like to add that limiting both the amount of battle chests you can store and how many can be unlocked with time is excessive. Limiting the storage but allow multiple to be unlocked with time simultaneously.

I agree 200% Gwyndael.