Some times I just shake my head!

I’ve been playing this game for 4 years or so. Last year my 5-year-old LG Android became unable to play the game no matter how optimized I made the phone. A month or 2 later I got a new LG phone, and after I used the LG device swap tool, the game played fine again on the new phone. So I’ve been playing for a year. Tonight when I logged into the game there was a storage warming that I’ve seen before, so I deleted an entirely different game to make space. I then attempted to log in a second time. The game did its occasional small update and then game opened… but it had started an entirely NEW game with a brand NEW support key. My old phone which my son uses as a wifi tablet now, still has the game on it, and it has updated to the current version with my support key that I had been playing on, but the game crashes on startup because I assume the phone is too old, same problem as before. So after a year, my game is caught somewhere between my old and new phone, and in either case I can’t play it. I’ve got hundreds of dollars wrapped up in the game buying starter packs and being a VIP for 2 years. I’m not starting over if I can’t get this to work. Can someone help?

I’m sorry to hear that, Jbeck. Our support team can help out with this situation should you contact them directly at If you could include your support key or some account info in your message to them, it’d be helpful.


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