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Some tips to succeed in Jurassic World the Game

Tip Number 1:
Note that in battles there is a clock that sets the time we have to overcome opponents, if in the first confrontations I used my most powerful dinosaurs to achieve victory and I still have more battles to play and I have no dinosaurs available to guarantee me victory, do not rush to speed up those who are recovering, this will lose money on unnecessary occasions, check the recovery time of your dinosaurs, if this time is within the time left to finish the battle wait patiently for the natural recovery of your dinosaurs. to continue the battles.
In the end we win the prizes and we do not spend money that if we save will be much more useful in the evolution of dinosaurs.


Tip number 2:
Try to put in the park many buildings and decorations the coins that the dinosaurs and the buildings themselves offer, try to collect these coins every hour or two, when it has a considerable volume, go to the commercial point that is located on the island Nublar in two boats that represents the Commercial Port, there we have several options of exchange, proposed by the game.
But we also have the option of proposing the exchange every 24 hours where we give the coins produced in the game by dinosaurs, food, mods, loyalty points, dna, etc., then each one chooses what they want to get in exchange.

Tip Number 3:
Be careful when buying packages with dinosaurs.
As tempting as it may be, before you buy it, check the hit percentage of getting the cover dinosaur, if you look at the options you will see that the rare dinosaur has a 60% chance of leaving, the super rare 20%, the legendary 5 % and hydrico 1%.
So the chance of disappointment in buying the package is extremely high.
Try to buy the package that guarantees the dinosaur you want to get.

When placing a dinosaur to hatch and this process imposes a time of 6 days or more, wait for this time, do not speed up the process by placing money.
This game teaches us patience, a quality that is of great value in our daily lives.

I have come to the conclusion that it is worth having two or more Hydro dinosaur, level 30 than level 40.
When we use these dinosaurs in battle, the recovery time of the level 40 is over a day, while the level 30 requires less than 24 hours, making it possible to use it again in less time.
I only develop a level 40 donissauro when I have two of this same level 30 dinosaur.

Nothing new for experienced dino trainers but it is a very good idea to place some basic tips under one thread to help new players.

Agree , the most of us play this game for many years , so we already know these and other tips . But this forum is for helping each other so @Evaldo_Barboza_Paula bravo for your initiative!


My Forum concept is to share experience with other members, providing and receiving information that can contribute to the success of the game.
What I know, I want to share, and what I don’t know, I want to learn from those who know, simple as that.
When I did the topics I was thinking about the ones that are starting so that, enthusiastic about the success, will contribute to the perpetuity of the game.
Experienced players are likely to expect clues that will allow dinosaurs to evolve, while also increasing all of the game’s features like currency, money, dna s-dna, and food.
Playing this game since its release, today I have achieved full harmony in all these aspects, I have all the features in abundance and in perfect balance while evolving my dinosaurs to the maximum level.
I am accomplishing this feat by receiving the prizes for battle victories and trading using my coins at the Commercial Port.


I think early players probably benefit most from such info sharing. I remember so many rookie mistakes I made that could’ve been prevented if someone had told me the proper way around. But then again, some people might think figuring things out on their own is part of the fun playing this game, so, to each her or his own, as the saying goes.