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Some UI/UX Suggestions

Hello once again! Just a few off the top of my head suggestions for better game play experience:

  1. Implement a preset of gear loadout tabs. Personally id Like to have one for pve, and one for pvp. It gets tedious swapping back n forth constantly.

  2. Have an “Optimize” Gear button (for max stats) based on character type.

  3. Instead of making our hardest challenge mode free every X hours, give us say 5x daily free tokens to spend. With a cooldown if necessary.

  4. Make the room tracker work better (top left corner)

  5. Have minibosses sometimes showup in challenge mode in one of the random rooms between bosses.

  6. In pvp, have option to que for pvp vs live player only option

  7. Place the “Challenge” mode button in a more centralized place, rather than the pvp button.

  8. Once u clear an event, have it either disappear, hide or move to bottom of challenge roster.

  9. Increase the zone which you can click to choose a challenge dungeon.

  10. Put a Challenge Rewards change button, that can force a reward change (with a cooldown to prevent exploitation) for cost of gold and/or gems. (For when the rewards are absolutely not interesting, and u have to wait 2 days to find the game interesting again to play.

  11. Each item should always list who can use it, not just its name. (When people share screenshots of items for example, they forget to mention who it belongs too) can be confusing for non-expert players to track in mind.

  12. The Bard AOE heal clickbox. It doesnt allow you to go if you clik on a hero, only on empty floor space. Can we fix this to allow clicking anywhere since its an everywhere spell, to work. Alot of new players get messed up by this too.

  13. When multiple opponents are stacked vertically behidn each other, its near impossible to clik the ones i nthe back, esp if the one in front is way taller. have the opposing units behind have their names and health bars shift sideways to make easier clicking when stacked.

  14. PVP chests, have the ability to abandon a chest, making its spot available to be filled again.

If I think of more, will let you know!

That all does sound good especially the drop chest
If you don’t want it
Can’t wait to see the update :slight_smile::+1: