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Some underestimated hybrids

Just a forum for hybrids are underestimated in there potential. Ex: Edmontoguandon

I also have killed Indoraptor both gens with it but didn’t take pictures.


If Edmontoguandon is good , imagine how massive Bajanodon is …


Carnotarkus is a nice one that can really mix things up in the arena. You’ve gotta be careful against that thing!


Pura is also highly underestimated as well


I’ll let you know… 1 fuse away


What ya missing Baja or Eddie

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Alloraptor. Shes actually pretty good. Decent at taking out trykos and diorajas at higher levels. Also has potential against dodge creatures with its definite impact.


Bajanadon with full HP while the rest of your team gets 3-0’d :joy:


Unless it’s against it’s parent :coffee: But that’s none of my concern :joy:

Baja, I have enough Eddie to take the hybrid to the high 20s easily. I should have it tomorrow but getting to a reasonable level won’t be quite as easy

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Cool good luck I haven’t been able to find any Baja at parks I have it unlocked but only lvl 9 so it will be a while

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I’m honestly surprised why it’s not used more especially it’s a good counter to indo, proRAT, rat, and Orion.

Also have no idea how it wins against dioraj but I guess it does :joy:(ps it think it used to be 100% against indo but then it got the immune to stuns)

I think that Erlidom is lightly boosted on the attack, because mine (lvl 24) deals a whooping 7.6K rampage if cloaked, with T13 attack. And most players will likely boost HP only to lvl 10 to max out on the attack.

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And thanks for giving me nightmares about facing your erlidom :joy::sob:

Bring out the Tryko or Dioraja, and Domi won’t be able to do anything to them.

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Lol tryko I beg to differ it depends on boosts and level :joy: but still better hope you dont face a boosted Orion.

Faced plenty of those, had to trick them with the Spyx.

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Or just bring in Eddie he can take care of them Orion’s lickity split

Carnotarkus will always be awesome to me. The only thing that really damages her is how many tyrant immune dinos are out there running around, rendering the instant distraction useless.

She’s great at taking down things like Stegodeus and Ardentis, and even manages to do a decent number on Thor.


Just realized I had enough Erliko DNA. Domi grew a bit, but still stuck in current year.