Some use for useless legendaries

After a lot of effort finally moved from renown 17 to renown 18, incredibly disappointing to yet again get a piece of garbage for the legendary (Naomlen ring level 2 now p).

It would be awesome if we could get something for this junk (there are many that are far worse than the junk I got this time Eg archers legendary quiver etc etc)

I’d be happy to accept copper coins for them!


  1. Can sell any legendary at shop for a small amount of gold (don’t have to wait for that piece to come up as required in shop just accepts generic legendary)

  2. craft - 2 or 3 legendaries can be swapped for one random legendary - not the same one!

  3. scrap- break down into bits of epic and or rare in same class - legendary trinket gives epic, rare, common trinket bits etc

***of course these 3 would be under the proviso that legendary abilities won’t be changed in the future. See below for another option
Cheers TT


Of course it begs the question of why there are utterly useless legendary items in the first place are they legendary for being garbage? Another option would be to overhaul the utterly useless ones - perhaps add a feature

Eg legendary ring for Naomlen currently gives 50% stealth chance when hit - whoop de do!
Could add Eg +15% crit chance (non stacking) so that it has some of the flavour of the epic trinket and then some

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Wholly agreed.

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Bumpity bump bump

I wish I could reroll remaining LEGs with GP (about 40k at a time?)
Actually, GP is useless in the future ;(

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Yeah that would be ok

I’m surprised that people are spending hours debating PvP match making but not adding ther support to this!

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Agree. PvP is not the biggest issue at all. (I don’t mind PvP at all).

Suggestions like your would be much better than the current setup.

Sadly I feel like they devs don’t consider much feedback like this :frowning:


Yeah I agree, it’s really sad to get a legendary only to then not be able to make any use of it. I think the best idea would be to overhaul the totally useless ones. It’s fine to not have all legendaries be the best choice at all times (otherwise everyone would just be running the same stuff, that’d be boring), but things like:

Calliope’s ‘Bonny’(heal 1 ally for 150% with a CD of 5 turns) is just objectively so much worse than her Pirate’s Scarf (heal all allies for 150% (at lvl 3 at least) with a CD of 6 turns, or her ‘Bard’s Scarf’(heal 1 ally for 100% with a CD of 4 turns & gain 1 extra action).

Or as posted above Naomlen’s ring, would be better to just overhaul that as well.


Overhauling useless would be best imo. But I don’t expect devs to do anything that lowers cost of collecting the op epics. They like the garbage taking up space in legendary card packs. Increases overall sells for them. While allowing for the discussion “other cards are better anyway.” My opinion of Ludia is to low, to think they’ll do anything honest and right in this area.

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Agreed after seeing many suggestions to them over the months (From myself and others) that are far superior to anything they’ve come up with, I conclude they couldn’t care less about the player experience per se but only economics.

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This is an old topic, but still true. And I like all the suggestions. Any change would be welcomed.
What do you think is the design philosophy behind having practically useless legendaries? It appears as if disappointment after anticipation is a design feature.