Some useless questions

First ones are with Mods.

  1. If i have steal and opponent has nullify does it steals nullify or it nullifies steals?
  2. If i nullify a nullify, what happens?
    3.How does the sr mod “siphoning bite” works?
  3. Were other mods introduced after mods update?
    And the others are with dinosaurs.
  4. If i am in the paddock of Scaphognathus, lets say and in that moment a Code-19 on Scaphy pops up what happens?
    Well, i hope you are sooo patient to answer those silly questions.
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It nullifies nullify.

  1. It depends on who has the first move, if you have the first move you will steal the Nullify, if they have the first move they will nullify your steal.

  2. When you do damage it heals your creature 25% (I think that’s the amount) of the damage dealt up to their maximum Health.

  3. This will not happen as a Code 19 is only triggered when exiting to your park. So one cannot trigger while you are in a paddock, only once you leave.


If you go to mods and select the one you want to know something about then on the right side of the screen you click on the I in the bottom right corner of the mod showing it will give you a explanation for that mod I hope this helps here are some pictures for examples


For more mod answers, @Mary_Jo and I tried to put together a sheet on her spreadsheet that describes what the mods actually do in a bit more detail. Just as another option to look stuff up

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