Some weird bugs, facebook login problem every time

Hi everyone!
So much worth for knowing to me, that I’ve been playing the game for a long time (starting with the Jurassic Park builder), unfortunately I lost my JW park, but I started this again and didn’t regret it! I’m glad Ludia and the developers have started to go in a very, very good direction, a lot of dinosaurs, a lot of different game modes have been developed, until I played again and of course there’s VIP membership, which favors players who want to get even more out of the content. I’ve experienced some weird bugs that I thought I’d share but I’ll try to sum it up a bit:

  1. A weird green bar appears on the screen, more precisely at the start of the game and and at the top of screen, you can’t go anywhere and exit button or back button does not work , but closing and reopening the game will solve the problem
  2. At the battle stage, sound and music effects are often lost or stopped working
  3. The facebbok login never works, the main screen appears and its says : Facebook login cancelled, this happens every time, is it only problem to me?
  4. The game often drop me out, my wifi connection is very good, i assume the devs working on it - this is just happen some times, but at the tournaments it can be annoying

Thanks for reading!

Hi @KoKo, So glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the game again after so long! If you could write to our team with your support key at so we can look into this for you that would be most helpful!

Thank you so much Koko!

I owe you a debt of gratitude! Your colleague wrote a letter stating the recovery of my old account in light of the information, I provided. I hope the Ludia is prepare with something around the official premiere of the third Jurassic world film. Slowly weekend again, spend this pleasantly!

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