Somebody stop me, I'm going to do it

I’ve been unboosted since 2.0. I’ve leveled up dinos, added Gemini and Smilo. But I haven’t moved. I’m still at the Aviary / Library line. My biggest problem is Thor with a speed over 131. Once one is brought out, I just send lambs to the slaughter to get to the next battle faster.

Should I boost? Or should I just continue hanging out at this spot, collecting my incubators and not falling into the boost trap? I’m also adding my team in case you have suggestions


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Might as well. I recently put boosts back on my team after an unboosted run. Feels a bit refreshing.

There’s nothing wrong in boosting. That’s unfortunately a part of this game. Buying boosts (especially in crazy amounts) is bad IMO


As long as you don’t get addicted to buying boosts, boosting is fine in order to progress. I would say boost gemini since it’s really good but underleveled.

Basically my point is, use any free ones you can get, but don’t spend money on them


Well… You have my permission to boost.
Go ahead.

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No Boosts! I am completely UnBoosted.

You are just going to increase your trophy level by 500 or so and then still run into he same roadblocks only with bigger and faster Thors.

Put in a level 10 team, play quick matches to drop 500 trophies. Then out back in your team. Then you can crush boosted teams and not feel bad.

Putting a sub-par but team together at or about the same level to drop isn’t a bad idea. I do this to drop 300 trophy’s or so and then switch back to the same level but better team.

This works good to gain take down’s on the way down for the daily battle incubators and even still get a lucky win in or two for regular incubators. In the end, I’m not getting smashed and I’m not over powering anyone on the way back up.

This is an example dropping team and raising team:
My Team 20200229 My Team 20200218
These are all pretty much the same level but one team is weak and the other strong.

boost? what is that? :laughing:

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Basically, boosts will move you up a little and then you’ll be in the same situation you are now. This is the reason I remain unboosted and am working to have a giant amount of level 20-21 creatures so the arena doesn’t get stale. I put together all kinds of teams for fun and make it interesting for my opponents to be battling creatures they don’t normally see and don’t even have.

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As others have said, boosts will increase your trophies but, not necessarily your fun, as you will hit a new wall of spenders that you will not be able to break as a free player.

Once you enter the boost arms race it will never end, and it will get to a point where you may consider spending on boosts (bad idea) but someone will always spend more.

My advice is forget boosts exist, forget the rating as it doesn’t equate to a better player anymore givien pay to win, bugs, OP dinosaurs giving unjustified losses, disconnections causing losses…all this way frustrate you into spending in you care about the carrot on a stick rating.

I suggest find a team you like using, go into the arena and just play for fun, if you can. I mean it didn’t work for me as I was unable to overcome all the issues l, but you aren’t me, so it may be different for others.

Wr are all unique…ironically just like everyone else :thinking:

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i’m at The Bridge (aviary-library) too, with this zero-boost team:

the top 4 non used dinos are good options that i try sometimes. i wouldn’t do it if main team was boosted. i dont use boosts since 2.0 and i find very good to change team and have some fun, less boring.

the only difference for usual friendlies is phorusaura, because it’s lower level for arena:

since boosts and score matchmaker, arena matches do a great job to keep you down if you don’t spend money.

so, i don’t care for trophies anymore. 5k is my limit, now i work for each battle. my goal is current battle goal. loosing or winning, each battle is my fun, not trophies.


have almost 3k boosts for each type, and zero plans to use them.

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