Someday we will have apex DNA in a way other than just taking on bosses

We will fight when we will have the possibility of having apex DNA for people who cannot participate in those battles because they do not have creatures at adequate levels to defeat those bosses, since the people who invite raids only invite you if you have creatures of higher levels 27 and up but they don’t invite you to face those bosses, or the newbies will have to wait to unlock those creatures when they’re useless in the arena like Ardentismaxima is now, which everyone used when he was immune to everything, while the Those who have been in the game for 1 year or less do not have those possibilities, unless they spend money, which does not seem logical to me since not everyone can spend real money in a mobile game. I don’t consider myself a rookie because it took 1 year and a month to play this game, but I believed that people like me and new people will need years and years to get what others have, that is, the apex creatures should have events every so often to that everyone can get some DNA even if it is.

I certainly hope that they can become available in other ways otherwise some of us more casual players will never get them.

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With mid level creatures and some boosts you get just by grinding… you can participate in all apex raids. Just invest in growing and building your Tuoara. It’s used in every apex raid. If your alliance isn’t that active or doesn’t help out join one of the discord servers dedicated to facilitating raids for all players levels including apex. Many high end players volunteer to help out there as well.

We bring down all apex with mid level teams and no bought boosts. Also we help out other alliances’ members get apex if they can’t setup an apex team of their own.

There are ways… truly :wink:

Apex raids are totally doable by mid game F2P’s. Here’s proof

Also a WIP

Also, Apex is supposed to be locked to players near the endgame, so only endgame players should have them. The raids are supposed to be hard, hence why they are some of the best in the game

so far all but trebax (as far as i’ve seen) are doable with a mid range team. takes some willingness to work on creatures you wouldn’t otherwise use in the arena (irritator/ inostherium) but they are doable.

Nope, actually other people got this good after a year like the beaver to get level 27. The game only has been out for like 2.5 years so we’ll get there in a year or half a year

Apex championship :thinking: