Someone Explain The JWA Areas

So I have heard there are different regions or biomes or whatever you want to call them in JWA we’re different types of exclusive creatures spawn. I have 3 questions?

  1. What are the regions and how many are there?
  2. Where are the boundaries, like location wise?
  3. What specific creatures can be found in certain areas but not others?
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  1. There are 4 total areas that split up the map. Then an additional 2 that aren’t affected by the first four which are
    •Parks (dark green areas)
    •And nests: Basically just the infrastructures near you like a gorgosaur or Rex spawning on restaurants and trike or sinocera spawning in gas stations

  2. Don’t know how large each area is on average either

  3. It’s a bit difficult to list them so I’ll recommend surfing this app to answer what creatures spawn where

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The zones are approximately 2 miles x 2 miles (3km x 3km) square. This is a map I made of my area back when zones didn’t rotate so I could go out riding my bike around and find the creatures I needed.