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Someone explain this to me please

11:59 in Spain. 05:59 in canada. After a lot of fighting, I arrive with my team made up of 5 rare creatures of average 25 and 3 epic creatures of average 24 to position 109 with 1436 points. I have little left to attempt the assault on the top100. I face one of the beasts of the tournament, DrSteveC, who takes 3 epic creatures from level 30. I lose 3-0 without any option and I think “well, at least I will lose only 20 points” … well, no, I lose 40 points !!!
After winning and adding I imagine 40 points, DrSteveC happens to be in position 37 with no less than 1618 points. Assuming that he did indeed earn 40 points with my loss, before it he had at least 1578 points and was in position 48, that at least.

That is to say :

A) His team consists of at least 3 epic level 30 creatures (I don’t know if the rest of his team are all epic 30) while I don’t have any creatures greater than 26 (3 26, one 25, one 24, two 23 and one 20) of which five are rare.

B) Before starting the battle I am in position 109 with 1436 points and he, at least, position 48 with 1578 points.

So how can I lose 40 points !!!

Of course, this is not against DrSteveC if not against the match and score system.


By the way, although after the defeat it appears that I have 1405 points, it is not true. I had 1436 and after losing 40 points I went on to have 1396. Ludia can check it. @Ned, I would like to know an explanation, if someone from Ludia could do it.

For some reason, matchmaker doesn’t seem to know what our trophy count actually is when being matched to another player. As a result, our trophy award/loss gets miscalculated. It’s been this way for a VERY long time and Ludia doesn’t seem to keen to fix it.

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I have plenty of examples like that. I have already asked for support on this subject and their answer speaks for itself: they didn’t answer.

For me it’s an anomaly to be fixed in a priority way because it distorts all the rankings and it creates even more injustice but Ludia doesn’t care… It’s probably a marketing idea to add even more frustration to the players unless it’s a firewall to simply hide their inability to make a simple mathematical rule work. In any case, it’s a shame.

as far as i was aware all creatures regardless of whether they are common, rare, epic or otherwise were set at LV26 in all tournaments.?. yet you speak of LV30 dinosaurs how is that possible?.
The only way you could possible face LV30 dino’s against your LV24’s & upwards is if it is normal arena battles instead not tournaments… yes / no ??

“Skill” tournaments are set to level 26. “Advantage” tournaments, such as the one running right now, sets creatures at the players’ level.

Yes, it is not the first time this has happened to me. Many times against but some in favor but never in such an exaggerated way as this.

To make things even less transparent, you are not able to check your opponents’ score in normal arenas. All of them show as 0 points since last update.
It might or might not be a bug, ofc. But, it was definitely a common query for players to support (so, they might have removed score to stop the high number of emails regarding that point - or just an extra bug, who knows).

I’ve faced this far too often, even in this tournament. My team don’t exceed level 20, no boosts. I lost to someone with a team of 25+ dinos with one of them being boosted, and got 40 trophies or so removed.

Even if they were lower in the rankings (which I doubt, with a team like they had), Ludia have told us it’s based off team strength, so I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

OOH pay attention to our words in the wonderful world of JWA !

I’ll complete this topic with all my screenshots and examples, it’s about time the support took this seriously. From the first day they implemented this formula (+/-50 points at the time) it never worked. What’s more, they’re not at all transparent about this calculation (that’s good, that’s nice enough?) It’s true that it’s so hard to understand a basic mathematical formula. Maybe it’s just hard for those who don’t know how to make it work properly.

Anyway, moderate, pretend not to hear us but we’re plenty and we won’t give up.

Let’s be honest, I battle a lot and it happens both ways. For example, I beat one of my teammates twice and each time I won 40 points, which is sadly unfair because I had a team with higher level creatures and I was ranked higher than him.

Anyway, I’m repeating myself, it’s not working at all and we have to do something about it.

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Oneshotted my entire team… 3 moves is all this battle took as mine are all 18-20 no boosts… guess how many points I lost :triumph:

I’m sorry about this, xescot. Usually the trophy number on your Battle menu page or the Tournament menu before you enter the battle should be the correct one.

However, if you did notice some discrepancies, could you please contact our support team here at so our team can take a closer look at this? If you can include those screenshots and your support key in the email as well, it’d be really helpful.


Thanks @ned for responding.

I hope you have gathered strength this weekend, because after today’s announcements, you are going to have a lot to manage this month :frowning:

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