Someone hides sino and orano

have not seen sino in area 1 and ourano in area 3 for a few days!

in area 1 , only kentro, barchiosaurus, concave(everyday), are found

in area 3, only secondon and pyroraptor are found.


Ourano is still around. I usually see one every second day. Sino is definitely MIA.

In few days… in two months I have seen only 3 ouranos.


I’ve only ever seen one Sinoceratops in the wild and I haven’t seen Oranosaurus for months.

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Found my second sino ever a couple of days ago. Luckily there was no traffic behind us when we slammed the brakes on lol…


today found 1 sino near by the erliko gen2…very strange…

you are mistaken. its area 2 for ouran. and yes he is harder to find now. i spend time everyday in area 2 and maybe get 1 ouran a week. a trick that i do sometimes is i use a epic scent at a bank that is in area 2 and that usually gets me ouran. banks are ouran nests so it increases your chances to spawn one.

some people are finding them, every game in lockwood seems like it’s against a lvl 24 dilo unique

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Probably get a couple of Oranos a week in L1 - saw a Pyroraptor for the first time in ages last week. Being driven through L1 last week I saw the first wild Sino I have seen in ages (and I visit the L3 3-4 days a week); thankful managed to launch the drone and collect a decent amount of DNA.

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Oh, concavenator spawn alot! I’m getting one right now that I probably missed because I was typing this!

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to bad i leveled my ouran to 18 or else id have a lvl 25 dilo also…


it was good when the game came out, so i used it. plus it didn’t make a hybrid at the time
:sob: :roll_eyes:


same here, used to see one once a day.

Ouch … that sucks

does it take 2000 of the common per fuse for the dilo unique?

Ive got three sinos last week including one in my home l1… first time i saw a sino their, most of my sino comes from my work l1…if the l1 your hunting in isnt producing sino find a new l1.

I see them maybe twice a month–and I’m all over the map, so I think they’re just hiding.

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yes, it does ^^

For unique fuses it’s always 2000 common dna, 500 rare dna, 200 epic dna and 50 legendary dna.