Someone hides sino and orano

yeah they change the zone area more frequently now…harder to find

I just bumped into an Ouranosaurus in the Dimetrodon area (L1?) tonight. It is where it is supposed to be for me.

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@CleverBoy Yes it is! Where are you Oura??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I got another sino tonight… its in one of two spots that produce a good amount of sino and have been that way since i started this summer…

Zones are not created equal… some l1s produce a higher amount of sino then other L1 . If you keep hitting the same L1 and never finding sino there you need to find a different L1. There is a forum member here who literally gets sinos spawning around their house all the time. Finding the proper local is only one part of the equation… you need to find the local that spawns what your hunting kn a regular basis.

Yeah that’d be me. Just got another a block from my house an hour or so ago.


Yeah i thought about tagging you. Lol.

If your hunting in an l1 over and over and are not getting sino, dont expect to get vastly different results unless your gonna try a different l1

seems they put sino in different z1…

my house used to see 1 every week…now they switch concave instead…

if i took my 25k utahraptor and moved to wherever lex lives id have one ridiculous utasinoraptor.
or if it could find a dracorex to save my life, utarinex.

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I have an L20 Utasino and an L20 Allosino. Plus Sino DNA to spare.

Dracorex is almost to 20 as well so Utarinex is my new project now that I have a L24 Indoraptor.

nice. mine is 20 too. allosino is 18. no clue how as i’ve only seen 2 sinos in the wild. unless i just got really lucky with incubators early on :thinking: my dracorex is 15 :sob:

Meanwhile I am sitting here with a level 16 Allosinosaurus and a level 17 Utahsinraptor and wondering where on Earth is Sinosaurus near where I live.

I only ever seen 6 and could dart 4… :roll_eyes:

i’ve darted the same number of indoraptors as i have sinoceratops :eyes:
indoraptor is lvl 28… sino is lvl 15 :thinking: