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Someone please explain

I’ve grinded since the early access and still have this team
I get on everyday and don’t usually miss events unless there’s no useful creatures what am I doing wrong is there hackers or something in this game is kinda pay to win but jeez my friends been playing for two darn years and he has almost all the unique I on the other hand have 4 ;-; also have a free annoying image lol its after my team

Well, that is one thing you do wrong for a start. There are generally no “non-useful” creatures in events because there are always new hybrids and super hybrids that may need their dna.

If you only have 4 uniques after playing 2 years then I suspect it’s either you don’t play as much as you think you do, or maybe you don’t dart well?

No idea really, but i’ve played for not quite 3 years yet (maybe 3 months away) and only have Gorgotrebax left to unlock.


I’m so jealous of you rn lol lucky

This is pretty sus ngl. I’ve never heard of a case like this before. Did you stop playing for a long while in the middle? Do you complete all daily missions? Do you use sanctuaries? Do you run scents? What classifies as a “useless creature”?


I’ve been playing for two years, didn’t really play for the first half year, but I have a level 26 indom, 23 magna, and several new uniques. I just got tenrex and lania with a bunch of 23 And 22 dinos. My problem is gold, not dna. I have like infinite dna so I don’t know how your problem is dna. I think you don’t dart outside of events, pop a giga scent and start darting tons, it could also be you don’t have a good alliance which grants like thousands of dna every week. I don’t dart much anymore, but when giga scents came out, I would dart like nonstop.

I play since 10 months and my team already consists of lvl 23-27 creatures so you don’t seem to play that much…or you are doing something wrong but i don’t know what

What Tournament rewards does your alliance get, I’m assuming not high enough to create the unique each month, assuming you are as active as you say maybe look to join a more active alliance. My alt has 10 or so uniques and has never fused one (it runs an Epic team), got them from Tornaments & Raids.

This. Totally agree.

Ok i don’t run scents don’t usually do daily missions and i admit sometimes im too busy like ill be gone for like 1-2 days but would that make a dent and besides im trying to get alot o scents lel

I joined an alliance of my friends bc his original alliance had a bossy owner so he made his own we have 49 members and were not very good at getting all the tournament rewards

Over years all those things can make a huge difference to progression.

One thing to keep in mind is your pretty average as far as compared to the rest of the player base. Most of the people on here are in the top 20% of the playerbase…

But yeah alliance rewards, skipping events, all that kind of stuff puts you in a position where your gonna progress slower.

Heck even having access to high level sancs does as well.

Doesn’t mean you can’t progress though… first thing is to start planning your endgame team now as best you can. You’ll have to adjust for meta changes as they happen.

But if your gonna play at a more casual pace you need more focus. Stop using resources on Dino’s you have no intention on using. Not unless you have extra resources and even then make sure you can recoup those resources in a decent amount of time before investing.

Same with boosts…don’t put boosts on something that isn’t gonna stick around on your team for a while. Better to boost what is gonna be on your team for a while or even save the boosts.