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Someone please try this


Im not bothered to but here is the trick to always have the dinosaurs you want from your team in battle well only 3 of your choice, make a new account collect dna but don’t create anything that you don’t want in your team so you can’t battle. So this will take a while, The end result is a team made up of only the non hybrid dinosaurs you want(you can get hybrids but only the ones that spawn in the wild or if you are willing to wait for them to show up in events)


Why would someone try this?

They’d put a lot of effort into it for not much in return.

A lot of the fun is collecting the dinosaurs, not the Arena battles.



Jk. I am curious, though. If I were motivated I would have an experimental account.


Science can be a good motivator.


requires 4 dinos to do battle. all you have to do is not add more than the 4 specifics you would want when creating an account, but the problem with that is you miss out on soo many arena incubators its not worth it.


What would even be the point? The same four dinos doing battle won’t always grant you a victory. That’s why you pick 8 that work and strategize, see what kind of synergy your team has; even if the draw’s bad, there’s still a chance at victory. I play the game for fun, and see it only as such, not as competition. Competition ruins the fun (as seen with Pokemon), so I’m not worried if I make it to the top or not. Do losses bother me? Of course. But this game has such a different character to it than most. We’re collecting dinosaurs. What more could you want?


Seems like if you have to resort to doing this you haven’t learned how to make a good team. If your 8 dino team is good enough, not getting certain dinos for battle wont be an issue. I’ll admit, sometimes I get disappointed if I dont have certain ones but I know I’m not hindered by not having them.


The point is people want their perfect team to make winning easier. Personally, I like how it mixes it up and makes me think and adjust with each battle. I wish I could have more than 8 for it to draw from without having to modify as I have a lot of good dinos at a decent level. I really like their battle system in this game for some reason. I just dont have the best luck with RNG. Haha


Yeah, the rng has never been a fair thing in any game. In one instance, it’s on your side…for 5 seconds, lol.


Not to mention that the best dinos are mostly hybrids or Epic ones which are extremely hard to find.
Unless someone wants to build a 4 Raptor team :rofl: