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Someone 'Wu' have been waiting for

According to the Lovelink newsletter, Fei Wu will be added to the game soon. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Woot! Gives me hope that we’ll be seeing a few of the other "mystical nonexistent " matches will become available.


Hoping Skye and Kelsey aren’t too far away


I wonder if any of the unreleased characters are one of her counterparts or if it will be like Brett’s counterpart Susan and will only be revealed when their story goes live? :thinking:

the only one i could see being Fei’s counterpart is Pamela

Only time will tell! :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Yes and they still have to release the other unreleased characters and bring back some long time characters as they reach their one year anniversary. I really wish they would update 5 or more days a week


They need at least five updates a week and focus on finishing the characters they started before adding new ones.
If only they’d update the game as regularly as they do now, back when this game was first released, they would have more than one story arch finished.

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I hope that’s not the case. I hope Fei and Pamela are separate

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They have a newsletter?

Yes! I recently discovered it. you can sign up.

I’m just guessing and talking hypothetically about potential counterpart theories

Same. I also hope they don’t just turn them into a counterpart of another character that’s already in the game like they did with Nina and Julia. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nina and Julia’s stories, it just seems lazy on Ludia’s part.

On that I agree 100%

After the release of Brett/Susan and Male/Female counterparts became a thing, I thought that Nina and Matteo would be counterparts.

I just imagine the Ludia writers office placing photos of each character and just randomly throwing a dart at the characters for the week


Either that or they’re pulling names out of a hat. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Or having a gif of the characters and the ones they stop on multiple times are the ones that get updates

Now the question is when Fei will be released

That is the million-dollar question! :moneybag:

It must be soon, otherwise, they wouldn’t have mentioned it in the newsletter. :thinking: