Something a little different.... Can we have an update to the Carnotaurus model please

Hi Ludia Design peeps,

Not to be picky but could we have an update Carnotaurus model which more closely reflects the creatures natural posture?

This creature had an incredible powerful muscular tail with many fused vertebrae which would have made it almost complete straight.

Similarly at the neck it was a stiff almost flat position behind the head with little s-curve, unlike most theropods. This neck evolved to provide strength and support for using the head (and likely its horners) as a weapon against its prey, meaning a headbutt animation wouldn’t go amiss.

Also it was a very fast Dino but with a relatively weak bite. So maybe a small rework on its stats to be a quick counter Dino with low attack but maybe a stun (based on the use of its head)?

Anyway just a thought :thinking:, I like carno one of my favorite dinos outside of JWA.



This a better model


Not just in pose, in colours also. Even tho I love the FK model, the JWTG one is awesome


impossible, so it came out in Jurassic World Fallen of Kingdom, besides that all the dinosaurs in the movies and the game are Transgenic

?? I don’t get it?? What is?

I say that Carnotaurus came out that way in the Jurassic World franchise, I doubt that Ludia will change it, and if she did, they would have to change each and every one of the dinosaurs.

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I personally think the Indominus Rex model should be changed, it’s very inaccurate to the movie’s version of the creature

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