Something about the Gyrosphere

I am a lv 46 f2p player, I have played 7 super gyrosphere challenges recently and I got 4 indominus rex. So now I have a lv 30 indominus rex.
This seems to be a good thing for me but actually it isn’t.
I might be ‘very strong’ (for a lv46 f2p player) battling against herbivores, but I would be so screwed when I am battling against others especially for amphibians as I am much weaker in my herbivores and pterosaurs. This means that I have a really imbalanced battle dinosaurs. Now when I am playing in different special events, the system would assume I have much stronger dinosaurs and would always give me challenges that require one kind of dinosaurs only (i.e. herbivores). It thinks that I have herbivores and pterosaurs as strong as the lv30 indominus rex in their stats. while my strongest herbivore/pterosaur are even weaker than a lv10 indominus rex
Below is my best dinos for now

So what I want to say is that i hope we would have some other types of legendary hybrid for gyrosphere challenge like the segnosuchus or something non carnivore (well, i dont hate carnivores, i love them but mine are too overpowered for now)

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Hey how do you manage to win that special gyrosphere I am a level 30 player tried two times and lost both the time 1st try lost on the 2nd last battle and on the second try lost on the last battle can you give me any advice on building the team from the rosters or any battle advice it will be very helpful (wasting 2000 Dino bucks doesn’t feel very right ) thanking you in advance.

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As this gyrosphere’s main character is the indominus rex which is a carnivore, you should bear in mind that you should choose a strong legendary hybrid amphibian (usually ostaposaurus lv30+ and youll need a bit of luck), but please dont use a whole team of amphibians as you will surely encounter some other cards in the first few battles
Then, save your ostaposaurus till last battle and you usually have 2 dinos left including the ostaposaurus, just use it as the second dino and keep saving points, once the first dino is killed then you play defensively, with a bit of gambling, you should eventually be able to finish the game


Ok thanks for your advice will try it soon as I have only 1000 more dinobucks left so I can have 1 more battle will try my skills and luck


good luck mate

Is 3 amphibian 2 carnivore and 1 herbivore a good idea?

thats okay, just reserve the strongest two amphibian and one carnivore try not to let them take damage in the first two battles

Ok I will try and let you know later on

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Hey well I lost again but now I am sure if I will be able to collect enough cash within a day then I will surely defeat that guy now I know how to win but the problem now is lack of cash anyways thanks for your ideas they helped a lot

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where have you got to?
basically, youll need at least 2 amphibians, and at least a carnivore and try to get the strongest dino in every selection