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oh boy. time for another fanmade update.
TAUNT will now have use in PVP battles!
When a creature uses a taunting ability, the opposing creature will always do 1x damage no matter the ability it uses, even if the ability normally does no damage. this changes with attack increases/decreases, though. if the taunted creature has 50% ferocity, it will do 1.5x damage, 50% distract would do 0.5x damage, etc. bleed and rend would not be affected by taunt. there are some ways to remove taunt. any abilities that already remove taunt will still remove it. i.e. nullifying, fierce, defense shattering, and definite abilities. taunt resistance will still work the same way. however, taunt will not be cleansable. you cannot use cleansing to remove taunt. any ability used when taunted would still have the same effects, it would just do 1x damage. in raids, this new function would be added to the already existing function.
each taunting move will get tweaked to reflect this change.
devastation, dig in taunt, instant invincibility taunt, shielded taunting strike, side flap, swap in invincibility, taunt shattering rampage, taunting bellow, taunting rampage, taunting vulnerability: taunts for 1 turn, 2 attacks.
group taunting shields, group taunting shields strike, swap in defense, taunting shields: taunts for 2 turns, 4 attacks.
this will coincide with some stat reductions for creatures with taunt abilities:
ankylocodon: health decreased to 4350.
ankylodicurus: attack decreased to 1100.
antarctopelta: speed decreased to 110.
ardentismaxima: health decreased to 5400, speed decreased to 108.
ardontosaurus: attack decreased to 1400, speed decreased to 107, fierce strike changed to resilient strike.
brachiosaurus: speed decreased to 108.
brontolasmus: attack decreased to 1200.
brontotherium: health decreased to 4050.
carbonemys: speed decreased to 102.
carbotoceratops: attack decreased to 950.
carnotaurus: attack decreased to 900.
diorajasaur: health decreased to 4350, attack decreased to 1100, speed decreased to 106, critical chance decreased to 20%.
doedicurus: attack decreased to 1000, speed decreased to 107.
elasmotherium: health decreased to 4200.
entelolania: attack decreased to 1300.
giraffatitan: speed decreased to 105.
mammolania: health decreased to 4500, speed decreased to 108.
mammotherium: attack decreased to 1400, speed decreased to 112.
monolorhino: health decreased to 4350, attack decreased to 1200.
poukandactylus: attack decreased to 1000.
rajakylosaurus: health decreased to 4200.
scolosaurus: health decreased to 3900.
skoonasaurus: health decreased to 5550.
sonorasaurus: health decreased to 5100.
testacornibus: health decreased to 3900.
trykosaurus: attack decreased to 1550.
woolly rhino: health decreased to 4350, attack decreased to 1300.
every creature with group decelerating strike will get group decelerating impact instead. these are: apatosaurus, argentinosaurus, dsungaia, gigaspikasaur, kentrosaurus, nodopatosaurus, stegosaurus, tragodistis, tuojiangosaurus.
now deals 1.5x damage.
alloraptor: health increased to 3300. cunning strike changed to cleansing shattering strike.
allosinosaurus: loses all armor.
antarctovenator: vulnerability impact changed to distracting impact.
aquilamimus: attack increased to 1300.
archaeotherium: health increased to 3600, attack increased to 1200.
bajatonodon: health increased to 4800, speed increased to 108.
blue: health increased to 2700.
carnotarkus: health increased to 3900.
charlie: health increased to 2400.
dakotanops: precise impact changed to precise rampage.
darwezopteryx: health increased to 4250, attack increased to 1100. gains no escape.
darwinopterus: health increased to 3000. gains no escape.
deinonychus: health increased to 2400, attack increased to 1300.
dilophosaurus gen 2: health increased to 2700, attack decreased to 1700, speed increased to 123.
dimodactylus: health increased to 3300.
dimorphodon: attack increased to 900. gains no escape.
diplocaulus: health increased to 3000.
diplocaulus gen 2: attack increased to 1200.
diplodocus: attack decreased to 1300.
dracoceratops: health decreased to 3900.
dracoceratosaurus: cunning impact changed to fierce impact.
echo: health increased to 2400.
erlidominus: rampage changed to precise rampage.
erlikospyx: health decreased to 3750.
gallimimus: health increased to 3000.
grylenken: speed increased to 127.
haast eagle: health increased to 3000, attack increased to 1300.
haast eagle gen 2: attack increased to 1200.
indoraptor: armor piercing rampage changed to defense shattering rampage.
indoraptor gen 2: health increased to 4200.
inostherium: health increased to 3600, speed decreased to 128.
koolasuchus: health increased to 4200, attack increased to 1300.
monolometrodon: health decreased to 3900, attack decreased to 1300, speed decreased to 123.
monolophosaurus: attack increased to 1400.
monolophosaurus gen 2: health increased to 3000.
monomimus: attack increased to 1400.
monostegotops: health increased to 3900, attack increased to 1100.
ovilophosaurus: health increased to 3450, attack increased to 1300, speed increased to 127.
oviraptor: health increased to 3000.
phorusrhacos: attack increased to 1600.
proceratosaurus: attack increased to 1400.
pyrritator: health increased to 3300.
sarcorixis: attack decreased to 1200, speed decreased to 112. loses deceleration immunity.
scaphognathus: health increased to 3000.
scaphotator: gains no escape.
skoolasaurus: attack increased to 1300.
spinoconstrictor: health increased to 3750, attack increased to 1200. evasive stance changed to sidestep.
spinonyx: attack increased to 1100.
spinosaurus: health increased to 3900.
spinosaurus gen 2: fierce impact changed to fierce rampage.
spinotahraptor: health increased to 3000. strike changed to fierce strike. gashing wound changed to lethal wound. distracting impact changed to distracting rampage. gains no escape.
spinotasuchus: attack increased to 1300. gains 100% deceleration resistance.
struthiomimus: attack increased to 1500, speed increased to 132.
suchomimus: speed increased to 120.
suchotator: gains no escape.
troodon: attack increased to 1300.
utahraptor: health increased to 3000.
utasinoraptor: attack increased to 1500.
woolly mammoth: health increased to 4800, attack increased to 1200.
thats all of it! hope you guys like it.


How many hours was that? That’s a lot great job

took about 30 minutes to type out.



I think Indoraptor needs a small buff. I don´t want monlo to get Nerf but i am with you.

I agree for the Nerf for mono

Ya done well kid… ya done well…

Regarding taunts changes…

Really interesting idea, and it would be nice if Taunting had some effect on arena (though maybe not one quite so strong). But it’s yet another ability that only affects resilients, bringing even more variety and strength to what is already the most diverse and overall the most powerful class. Let’s give cunnings some love! Not with taunts specifically, but a similar concept would be perfect for them: a move that makes all other moves do 1x damage, lose additional effects, or disables moves entirely would fit the class perfectly.

Why did you nerf a lot of fine creature, max, gem (literally become useless), spyx, poukandactilus, etc ? Those creature are fine, buff the other unique instead of nerfing strong unique.

Sounds like this is going to suck and it’s going to slow down arena

I think apart from the indirect nerf to Cunnings, the main idea is an interesting and possibly quite fun one. The balancing changes are a whole other can of worms, and I think they kind of distract from the main concept because everyone’s going to be arguing about them now.

Edit: I see that this is supposed to be a whole update. Well, never mind.

I like the attack nerf and speed decrease, but losing decel immunity kind of takes it in the wrong direction. As a resilient, nerfs to Rixis should focus on making fierce dinos stronger against it, but this change only benefits resilients. I would change something with it’s stun moves instead.

The HP and attack nerfs are probably enough by themselves, that speed is pretty low for a cunning, and Monolometerodon is already on the low end of the scale there.

I would focus rhino nerfs on the swap in attack itself; it isn’t especially strong without it, so no need to nerf it’s entirely kit like this.

Overall, I like the direction of most of these changes, but I’d have to see how many actually make a difference. Not sure why Poukandactylus got a nerf though.

Of course you can’t cleanse it - it’s a self-buff that applies to the taunt user, not a debuff that applies to the opponent. You can’t cleanse taunt any more than you can cleanse away your opponent’s shield or dodge.

While interesting, I think this extra ability is too powerful. It would be cool if taunt did affect arena, but giving every Taunting dino a light version of distraction is a bit too much, on top of the fact that most Taunting moves already apply some form of damage mitigation like a shield (meaning almost every move in the game that doesn’t break shields would only do 0.5x damage). I’m just not sure what a good additional effect would be that wasn’t either too strong or redundant.

I might actually do that

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The good thing is that the taunt abilities don’t last long

Poukandactylus would be able to spam side flap and not be able to die. So I nerfed the damage a little bit.

They don’t, but they’re still incredibly powerful, since they almost always come with some other kind of damage reduction ability.

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