Something Cool, RAT never existed!

Ok when I say rat didnt exist I mean specifically Draco and ill explain why.

Famous palaeontologist Jack Horner has proved that Dracorex and Stygi never actually exist! What happened was the skeletons of Draco and Stygi were misidentified as new species, when in fact they were actually young and subadult PACHY’s!

Watch this video to see it fully explained!


Jack Horner is kinda the conspiracy theorist of paleontology

He’s tried to prove torosaurus was actually elder triceratops and nanotyrannus was actually juvenile Tyrannosaurus and both kinda blew up in his face after more discoveries

I take most of what he says with a grain of salt, but hey, it’d be pretty nice if rat actually had no basis of existence :joy:


Well the video was from 2010 and ive not looked further into the things he says, but based on the things he showed in the video there was evidence of what he claims.

I also would love to have Rat have no existence lol.

There’s also this

You didn’t ask for reality!!!


No, cooler dinos​:+1::smile:

We asked for more teeth, not more rats lol