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Something horribly wrong with matchmaking

I honestly don’t know whats going on but i don’t think the matchmaking is fair at all. Its gotten so much worse. Im being paired up against players who are 500-600 trophies below me. They aren’t highly stat boosted either. I am at 5100 trophies and i’m getting paired up against players at 4400 and 4500 trophies. I can only imagine their frustrations, they just want to win battle incubators. I threw a match because i felt so bad. It just got so one sided… These are real people who went through the trouble of leveling their rares like suchotator to 28ish. And they also felt good making uniques and stuff. It feels awful. But. On the other hand i fought a lvl 30 dracoceratops stat boosted to nearly 1900 damage. And 4800 hp. That thing is nuts.

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Absolutely true. I started yesterday with 5007 trophies and all my opponents were very overpowered teams. Get killed a lot. Now 4825 trophies and take me a long time to get an dailly battle incubator for the 4/4/4/ stat boosts.

Realy makes me angry constantly getting beat by those who violated the rules by exploiting the bug with stat boosts. 145 or higher speed Thor, 165 or higher speed Erlido etc and all very high damage and health too is no fun at all. Those guys must be ashamed a lot by getting fun out of beating those who not violated the rules by buying “unlimited” stat boosts.

Ludia should start over again. Return everything back to 1.6 and then bring 1.7 in and now of course in a correct way. U cant buy stat boosts, no bug and only availabe in the daily battle incubator. A refund to all who spent their cash on them. This is the only way to start fresh, give everyone the same fair chance of using stat boosts in future. Remove Trophie Count form matchmaking completely and only base it on power level.

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It’s absolutely terrible. Wrote in on support already showing the difference between my team, trophy and player level as well as those of my opponents. I had differences as big as 5 player levels and at the same time 7 creature levels! (Difference between my highest creature and theirs) It’s absolutely insane. Response was the standard explanation of how matchmaking works, but, the way they describe it, and the way it’s described in the new matchmaking rules, is the absolute opposite of what’s actually happening in the arenas. Somehow they just don’t seem to get it…

I feel your frustration. I am a newbie with only about 2200 trophies, and am constantly being placed against people who are either way more advanced or way less advanced. With the new trophy awarding system (y’know, the one where if you beat someone lower ranked you get nothin’, if you beat someone equal you get meh, and if you beat someone higher then maybe you’ll get a decent stash… but when losing - no matter the opponents level - a painful amount of trophies are taken).

I was not really into the stat boosts, but I finally had to resign to using a few on a few of my creatures just to keep up. Even then, I can’t seem to, because so many other people are boosting their teams beyond extremes - and their teams were already more advanced than mine.

On the plus side, at least this is forcing me to really work on strategy… but even the best strategies can’t keep up with all the uneven pairings.

Hopefully this will get fixed.

I am getting frustrated with battles with boosted dinos. This stat boost is totally a big mistake, how can you stand a chance against the same level dinos but their stats are insanely higher than yours. It is so unfair that you are paired up with someone you know you don’t stand a chance to begin with. I hope Ludia hear us out because I am totally getting upset about this losing battles 10 or more consecutive times and allI just want is to get an incubator. I am a working person and it gets me out of my routine as it takes me too long just to win one battle

Kind of makes you wonder what they were thinking about, letting boosted players even have the opportunity to fight non-boosted players in the first place.

Really dumb move as this is a hopeless scenario and only leads to frustration, animosity and a un-install of the game.

Seems like non-boosted players should have their own arena with no boosts allowed.

A non-boosted and boosted arena would solve this problem. Just like in JW:TG. And of course boosts in that game are not permanent, they are on a per battle basis. Also makes much more sense than this disaster .

I thought matching was supposed to level the playing field a bit by putting you against an opponent with similar trophies and similar Dino levels. Why the crap am I having to fight a Thor 4 levels higher than my highest (6 levels higher than my average) and that’s been speed boosted to be faster than my entire team?? He’s faster than my 140 indoraptor, really?!? Where the hell os the logic in that? Three chomps and match over. Moronic. Also, why you can speed boost “slow” dinos to be faster than any “fast” (raptor based) Dino is beyond me, it makes no sense at all. None. Zero.

A Dino with speed of 104 should max out of boosts at say, 119. Keeping him slower than raptors and other fast dinos but faster than other non boosted in their same likeness.

Ludia didn’t improve the game with stats, they broke it.

I’m strongly on the side of a full reversion to 1.6. Then, roll-out revised matchmaking & trophy wins/losses on its own, allowing players to adjust and focus their hunting and level-ups accordingly. After we’ve all normalized to the matchmaking, release an overhauled - and hopefully significantly restricted - boost system.

As for the frustration with the people who benefitted from the exploit, I really don’t think it’s the case that everyone knew it was an exploit, then knowingly took advantage. Many people, yeah, but I know this game well and keep up on news and announcements, and I’m not sure I’d have known that the boost purchase thing was a loophole. If the user flow is:

Dinodex–>dino–>apply boost–>use boost–>tap again–>brought to store–> purchase

… then nowhere would I have ever have thought that the unlimited thing was an exploit, even if I’d gone to the store and hit the cap previously. There are enough conditional offers in games and apps that I would have assumed that the condition during the intro period was running out of boosts. I didn’t do that, though, since I decided pretty much immediately that boosts were so OP and ill-conceived in the way they were deployed that it wasn’t worth it to buy boosts, because there would HAVE to be a rollback. Right? Right?! Anyone?! STOP THIS MADNESS!! :slight_smile:

Overall, I’m less frustrated with boost exploits than I am about the serious imbalance created by boosts in the first place, esp. with speed boosts. In one fell swoop, Ludia invalidated or severely demoted focused, deliberate hunting, DNA, and level-ups on dinos. All that time spent chasing and darting Tarbo and Kapro, only to be one-shotted on the first two dinos by someone with a Thor three levels below mine, who then follows-up with that Draco parasite on my third dino? Awful.

Yes it is! I’m one of those players in the 4600 range with level 23-25 Dinos that are modestly boosted… I’m getting paired with 5000+ that have level 27-30 dinos that are boosted. The matchmaking in aviary is completely whack. There’s absolutely nothing I can do to win. It took me 12 battles just to get my daily incubator and ONE other incubator. It’s very frustrating when I’m just trying to get an incubator going lol. A new, higher arena to get into would make a lot more sense or at least separating higher ups.

I agree with this. I dislike 3-0ing in overmatches as much as I dislike 0-3ing in underdog matches. Same thing with time-outs and loss of signal on my opponents’ parts.

The above, though, is null and void if the opponent uses Draco. In those cases, I cheer anything that happens to give them an unfair matchup. Draco users get no sympathy from me.

One thing is crystal clear. If no changes are made to reverse the mistakes, and soon, then Boosts and the way they were rolled out have damaged the PvP aspect of this game beyond repair.

Im struggling with this unboosted team, all the way down in Ruins. It took me 8 battles to get my 10 kills for the INC, in Ruins no less…


Boosted level 21s and 22s are owning me down here, lol.

On a side note, in 8 battles this morning, The team selection did not even once give me Procera or Thor. Not once. Not sure if this is yet another bug or just bad RNG?

That’s happened to me too…no Thor, no Indo in 8 battles…ended up losing all of the battles cuz it chose the same 4 4 times and the same 3 all of those times changing one 4 times…grrrr its aggrivating

That is about what I am finding, 4.5 to 5 level average difference running an unboosted team against boosted opponents.

I am in Marshes with a level 23.3 average unboosted crew, opponents average 18.5. An average of a 4.8 level difference in my last 8 opponents listed. I am reaching an equilibrium point where I am at a 50/50 win/loss ratio now. My 1.6 equilibrium point was about 4200 trophies. In the boost meta it is now 3200 using the exact same creatures.

Your team is 26.5 average and fighting level 22 would make an average 4.5 level difference. Level 21 Opponents would be a 5.5 level difference, average.

I have not tracked how much my opponents are boosted, perhaps that is something I should record.

I notice that I can be matched against higher average level teams (19 – 21) that have not boosted as much. Still much lower level than mine and mostly Epic and Legendary where I have mostly Unique. They are easy wins as my dino are simply superior in design and function. I have had some losses to lower average level teams that have boosted more, speed losses mostly. A few have been faster but my team simply was too high a level and I overpowered them that way. They could not one shot me and I easily bulled my way through them. I was that much higher level that my HP/Damage overcame their speed advantage.