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Which do you think has been the best carnivore hybrid so far in the game?
I Rex

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I would prefer Yudon and Indominus :100:

Carnoraptor because Carnotaurus


Erliphosaur, yudon and cerazinosaur are my favourites

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Indoraptor, I’m a normie

I don’t even own any of its components but I really like the look of Allonogmius… partially because he keeps smashing me in tournaments :confused:


I like indominus aswell because it has one of the best designs imo and each evolution meets a stage in increasing ferocity of your park over time, so it’s one of the best to buy value wise too

It’s interesting that players like Yudon so much, I hardly ever use mine, they just don’t currently fit into my battle strategy much. I expect I’ll add some more though as I progress towards end game status and need more carnivores when others have 2-3 day cooldowns.

My favorite would have to be the Spinotasuchus. The high attack at lvl 10 with only a 7 hour CD makes these my go-to killers in tournament runs. Nothing else I have gets used at much on a day to day basis.


IMO the “best” carnivore hybrid in terms of stats is Carnoraptor. It’s cheap, powerful, and constantly used in the endgame. Not to mention it just got a superhybrid.

As for design, I used to be a big fan of Yudon, and I’d still put it in the top 3. My favorite is Erliphosaurus, the colors are incredible and it’s level 40 design is probably my favorite design in the entire game. I also like the design of Cerazinosaurus, but I’m not a fan of the colors.

Now with dimetrocarnus that’s another high powered carnivore with a short cooldown to add to the tournament runs. Cant wait to get enough sdna for spinotasuchus though.