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Something I find weird about hybrids

So you fuse a Majungasaurus and an Alanqa, and you get Alangasaurus. First it looks more like a herbivore than a carnivore. Then I was wondering why does it have to be a carnivore and not a pterosaur? Or why not both? I mean isn’t a hybrid supposed to have the characteristics of both creatures? It’s kind of weird.

Edit: For those who didn’t get my point, I’m saying that a hybrid should have the characteristics of both the creatures it’s fused from. That way it’ll have advantage over both the other remaining types of creatures. This mechanic could be balanced by reducing the hybrid’s ferocity and such.

Pterosaur: birds
Carnivores: eating meat
Herbivore: eating grass/leaves
Amphibians: live near river

Yes alangasaurus looks like a herbivore but it can’t be a pterosaur because it is not a bird.

Man,honestly Dinosaurs themselves are birds,the Chicken Wing on your plate is a T Rex. Pterosaurs are not Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs only live on land(exception-Spinosaurus-which is aquatic) Mosasaurus,Helicoprion,Onchopristis are Marine Reptiles,not Aquatic Dinos. According to you,Amphibians live near rivers,but that is not how you classify them,what you should be saying is that they are capable of survival in both land and water,I am sure there are dinosaurs which live near rivers but are not aquatic in nature.


Hybrids should have the nature of both of their predecessors.
Wouldn’t it be great (I know it’s never going to happen) if you could choose the class of a hybrid before each battle depending on that? A hybrid made of an amphibian and a carnivore could fight as either an amphibian or a carnivore.


I think this is not possible. Even there are some hybrids who teoretic can be both species. Amphibians still eats meat, pterosaurs eats meat (thats mean Ostaposaurus and metriaphodon technicaly can be both ) Most of hybrids cant be both species, alangasaurus cant fly and i think Supranotitan really dont like eat plants and leafs :smiley: Thats just for explansion.

Currently there are normal hybrids and super hybrids. They could add a new hybrid species named ultra hybrid or something like this. It would be awesome to see this new hybrid species in the game soon with the abilities that @Tommi named. But for first Ludia needs to make some more normal hybrids and super hybrids to close the gaps in the creatures list, like a glass cannon amphibian or a amphibian common hybrid for example.


Yep, thanks for getting my point; that’s exactly what I was saying. Looks like it went woosh over some people. It was actually a suggestion in disguise, to have a hybrid act as an actual hybrid in the game. For instance, when you use a carnivore-pterosaur hybrid, you should be able to have advantage against both a herbivore and an amphibian. Of course they can balance it out with some reduced level of ferocity maybe? But this should be done IMO. It doesn’t really make sense for that creature to turn into a carnivore after fusion and not a pterosaur. Also, the entire concept of JW movies is creating new creatures in the lab that never actually existed, with special abilities that are a combination of creatures they were fused from.


@Keith and @Ned, do you think this is possible for the future?