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Something I have Noticed

Just a thread where you can point out odd things you noticed

Level 40 Postosuchus has a similar colour scheme to the Walking With Dinosaurs one.
Posto 1
Posto 2

Level 40 Segnosaur can’t one-shot level 40 Scapha for just 1 life :exploding_head:

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All the PvP battles you play are against bots :unamused:

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Sad. But it is what it is :confused:

Is the Creation Lab entirely random? I kinda doubt it is.

Level 40 Einiosaurus has 666 attack if it has class advantage, and that’s the only reason why I want to max it lol


Lvl 20 Metroacantho has 666 health

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There is no VIP creature with unique abilities
What I mean about this is every VIP creature has the same stats as another VIP creature (i.e. Henodus with baryonx

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Spino gen 2 looks like spinonyx

Tarbosaurus and Concavenator, Baryonyx-Stygimoloch-Mastodonsaurus-Eudimorphodon

Isn’t Proceratosaurus unique in terms of stats? Does it share those stats with any other creature?


No, it doesn’t but they are similar to Daustro.


if we inverted the name alonongmius, it would be … bananosaur​:rofl::banana:

For some reason my Omega 09 has more attack than health…

Thus either the stats are wrong, or this is the first and only case of a dino having more attack than health.

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Very off topic but a butter knife weighs more than a steak knife even though it’s less sharp and efficient at cutting…sorry i had to reply to something I’m so bored rn

I remember seeing something like that before, but I don’t remember the creature, it was years ago. What I do remember is that the creature had class advantage

That would be better

Level ten Hatzegopteryx has 69 health

You can chnage the location of a Dino’s enclosure when the dinosaur is having a code 19