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Something I have Noticed

Of course. That’s how I am able to move it into the coin trap and still collect the bonus while the creature is in code 19.

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For sure with both you can cut butter :rofl:

I noticed that a dino with class advantage at level 1 has same attack as his counterpart with normal attack.

What do you mean?

Level 1 Hainosaurus has 243 attack, with class advantage it has 365 attack. A level 10 Hainosaurua has 365 attack. Or Rajasaurus lvl 1 has 50 attack (75 with class advantage) while lvl 10 has normally 75 attack.
Try with every dinosaur.
Also i calculated a formula like ferocity to get a factor called convenience: Dna cost divided for lvl 10 ferocity. E.g. Ostapo has 3096F lvl 10: 31,870 divided 3,096. The result will be the convenience, can’t calculate since i don’t have a calculator on hand. Wanted to post it here to break ice, since i was thinking to post it.
PS: all written from the phone :smirk:

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Have you understood?

Yes I have

Wait is this for all the dinos??

I noticed that I feel sorry for me enemies lol

Yesss try yourself

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Yes a lot actually do, but they are glass cannons who have a class advantage.

This Omega example is a case where the default stats are more attack than health, meaning if you hypothetically put 2 of them face to face, the first dino will win off of 1 attack with no class advantage. That is unlike every other dinos who at least needs a class advantage.

The closest thing to it is Metriaphodon, but she still has barely more HP and thus doesn’t fit what I am saying here.


Yup, I just unlocked Omega and boosted it with the remaining S-DNA I got from Juggernaut’s missions (don’t really want it, so I don’t mind unlocking it in the next 20 years lol) and it’s the same. Looks like at lower levels it has more attack than health.


Did anyone realized that Brachiosaurus hatchery animation looks similar to the victory pose he had in jpb. I mean the ending pose looks almost identical


Wow! Cool imao.

a level 10 erliphosaurus does not kill a level 40 amargasaurus in 2 hits! after that, amargasaurus still has 1 HP!

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Amarga has 3016 health, if it has 1 left it means it makes 3015 damage, impossible since 3015 damage with two hits is possible just with dinos that have 1256 attack with class advantage, impossible since to have it you need 837 attack, that at level 10 Erlipho doesn’t own.

Hmmm​:thinking::thinking::thinking: amargasaurus level 30?

Yes level 30 probably.

Noticed these 2