Something I made to express my admiration

I have stated many times (I may become to be boring at some point) my admiration of some hybrids, like Diplosuchus . If I were dr. Wu I would be so proud! I couldn’t express my love about Diplosuchus better than building its own model with lego bricks! The bricks I have are limited, so I can’t do something better than that.

This is for you, Ludia people , with your great ideas and imagination not only at this hybrid but at many other creatures you made too. Keep giving us awesome and beautiful dinosaurs, Cenozoics and Hybrids, with their great information too. I can’t wait to see what you have for us !


Hey kingCRAGGERcroc, that looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing your Lego creation with us. :star_struck:


“We didn’t ask for reality; we asked for more bricks.”

This is amazing work!!


Awesome! Jurassic Park builder, would have been proud.:disappointed:

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@Potato are you ready for a fight? :smile: I am so jealous of your baryonyx.

Thank you all guys :grin:.



Meh, I’m always ready for a fight! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: However, the baryonyx face off set (75935) is still available! I’d go check to see if the local lego store has any, but they are closed.


I know that it is still available , but my budget is too limited for it, lego aren’t the cheapest toys…

Call me a traditionalist but those just don’t really even look like Lego to me. @kingCRAGGERcroc for the win! :partying_face:


Wow that’s cool can you make more​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Yes, I could remake the model . I want to make more hybrids too, from time to time. The only downside is that anything I will make will be at the colours of Diplosuchus :smile:


I want your next model to be in original size.:wink:

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That’s the coolest thing i’ve seen all week! Diplosuchus is proud.
@Tommi but how big is Diplosuchus? :thinking:

It was pretty cool seeing some of the giant Lego models at the Mall of America. Enjoyed the Lego Master show we just had here in the States too, so impressed with these people that can build such elaborate models of their own design on the fly. I remember when the Technic Lego first came out, I was in college I think but I couldn’t resist getting some to play around with. It’s just completely exploded since then. Right now, I have some Star Trek Lego models on my mantle.

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I’m honestly surprised that Lego is such a big deal in America. I thought it’s only an European toy.

It’s definitely hugely popular these days. When I was growing up it was just one building-style toy out of many (ah, good old Lincoln Logs and Erector Sets!) Quite impressive how it’s so much a part of the culture now that we have movies, TV shows, theme parks and more around it.

If we consider that Sarcosuchus is 11 to 12 meters long, I guess that Diplosuchus length is 12 meters.

@Tommi an original size lego Diplosuchus would be a great promotion for the game, don’t you think? In my opinion , currently, Lego are the most famous toys . Apart from what @Mary_Jo said, Lego have made many series , themes and video games , including lego Jurassic World for PlayStation (which I have) and a new Jurassic World Series .