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Something Id like to add to the Opinion of: series

The series isnt just bound to the top tiers. After a bit longer, ill start expanding the series into the regular dinos, not just the hybrids. On a side note, i was thinking of adding non-dino related articles to this series, such as the arena, boosts, the alliances, and even some popular suggestions others have given, just to see what you all say about it. What are your guys’ opinions?

Edit: once we reach the 9th article, ill be allowing you guys to select who to be featured next in article 10. I made a rule to myself that every 10th article, the comments get to decide whos next :slight_smile:

I think expanding outward would be awesome, an Opinion Of about boosts and the arena would be a nice place to look for how others feel. Maybe even doing an Opinion Of on the different locals would be cool too.