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Something interesting I noticed about some cenezoic creatures

I was reading the Dino facts for synthethoceros today and one fact said that only male synthethoceros have the fork horn on their nose. This raises the question if all the creatures are female to stop them from reproducing then how do these synthethoceros have their nose horn even if their female. The same thing goes for megaloceros and indricoceros because only male deer have horns. Another thing I have noticed is diprotodon shares its eating animation with the bears arctodus and sarkastodon even though diprotodon is a giant herbivorous wombat it is shown to eat fish. Can someone please explain this. Thanks in advance.


Simple. It’s the deviation between actual dinos and Cenozoics as in nature, they are different from JP/JW modifying the DNA by splicing it with other DNA from animals that currently exist. It basically means that the dinos in JP/JW are far different from their original counterparts. This would include gendered based anomalies. Imagine iNGen using the male’s base DNA, but then altering it with that of a female’s DNA of the same or different species to get a desired look and outcome.

A quote from JP3:


That explains the horns but why does diprotodon eat fish even though it was a herbivore

Mainly because it uses the bear animation.

Well, it’s canon that Jurassic world had males and females and actively bred their animals to maintain populations. They couldn’t spend tons on a new trike baby for the petting zoo. Y not let nature do it 4 u